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One ml is equivalent to one cc

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Q: What is the difference in ml and cc when taking an injection?
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Is two cc injection the same as a two ml injection?

Yes 1cc=1ml cc is phasing out....regardless it is still used

What is the difference beteeen cc and ml when measuring liquid?

cc and ml are interchangable, there is no different 1ml = 1cc

How do you conver 0.5 ml of marcaine injection in units?

how many units are 2 cc

Where is 0.35 on a 3cc syringe?

The 50 mg is the dose for whatever you are taking. Whatever you are taking should say or you should know what the dose is for example 25 mg/ml therefore you would have to take two ml or 2 cc, if it was 100 mg/ml you would have to take 1/2 ml or cc. ml and cc are the same but mg is what the dose is.

What is difference between in a ml syringe and cc syringe?

The spelling and the meaning

What is the difference between a cc and a ml?

Only the names. They're identical volumes.

How much cc 1 ml?

One ml is also 1 cc. Ml and cc are the same.

What is the equivalent of 2.5cc in ml?

2.5 mL - A cc (cubic centimeter) and a mL (milliliter) are the same measure of volume.

How do you convert 0.8 ml to 1 cc?

0.8 ml is not equivalent to 1 cc. The ml and the cc are identical volumes, so 0.8 ml = 0.8 cc.

How many cc is 75 ml?

75 ml is equal to 75 cc. The volume measurement is the same in this case.

If an antibiotic injection has 2cc what would it be in mg?

It depends on the antibiotic concentration... if it's 10 mg/ml, then you have 20 mg, because 1 cc = 1 ml. You should base your answer on the concentration (in mg/ml)

How many cc's is 12 ml?

The conversion between mL and cc are given .On finding the relation we get as follows : 1 cc =1 mL=1000 l. so ,12 ml=12 cc.