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Half a mile squared is 1/2 times 1/2. It equal 1/4 q. mile. Half a square mile is twice that amount.

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Q: What is the difference of a half mile squared and a half square mile?
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What is the difference between square miles and miles squared?

There is no difference. Either way, you a squaring a mile. Square miles and miles squared are the same.

What is the difference in one mile squared and one square mile?

there isn't a difference its the same thing just said differently

How many squared feet are in a squared mile?

27,880,000 square feet in one square mile.

How many km squared are there in 1 mile squared?

1 (square mile) = 2.58998811 square kilometers1 (square kilometer) = 0.386102159 square mile

What is a eleven squared?

It's half a mile

How many meters squared are in a mile squared?

The answer is 2,589,988.11 square meters.

What is one quarter mile squared equal to in acreage?

A quarter mile squared is 1/16 of a square mile = 40 acres.

What is half a mile times half a mile?

1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4 In terms of miles, 1/2 mile x 1/2 would be 1/4 mile squared, or 1/4 square miles.

How many meters squared in a mile?

1 (square mile) = 2,589,988.11 sq meters.

How many miles in a square mile?

A mile squared is a mile long and a mile wide, forming a square, so if you walked the width or the length of a squared, you would walk a mile. A mile is a linear measurement, it measures a distance. A square mile, as with a square kilometre, is an area and measures the amount of ground something covers. You cannot change miles to square miles or vice versa.

What is one half mile times one half mile?

One quarter square mile.

How do you find the radius of a square mile?

Well the formula for the radius of the square is radius squared * pi (3.14)So find the radius (which is half of the diameter. which is exactly half of the shape)and do the formula. end the answer with "m".

How big is half mile square?

A square with 1/2 mile sides has an area of 1/4 square mile.

Is there a difference between a mile and a square mile?

Yes. A mile is a measure of distance and a square mile is a measure of area.

The area 5.73km squared is what in square miles?

2.212 365 368 5 square mile

Can you convert 32 miles to miles squared why or why not?

No. A mile is a unit of distance, a square mile is a unit of area.

What is the difference in a square mile and a mile square?

At the level asked there is no difference. As the size goes up there is a big difference... Two miles square would be 2x2 = four square miles.

How many square foot in a square mile?

1mi x 1mi = square mile. So 5280ft x 5280ft = 27878400 ft squared or 27878400ft2

How many square miles is 1.7 km squared?

About 0.656 sq mile.

How many acres does it take to make 1 mile?

I presume you mean squared mile? If so 640 acres is one square mile

How many miles is mile square park in fountain valley?

4 miles squared.

What is the difference between population and population density?

Population is the amount of people in a country, for example the population of Nigeria is 148million (1997 estimate). The population density is the amount of people in per square kilometre or square mile. In Nigeria this is 145/km squared or 374 per square mile.

How many acres in half mile by quarter mile?

There are 640 acres in 1 square mile. So (1/2 mile)*(1/4 mile) = 1/8 square mile, or:(1/8 square mile)*(640 acre/square mile) = 80 acres

What is the difference between a square mile and a mile?

A square mile is a measure of area, such as the acreage of a plot of land. A mile is a measure of length or distance, such as from one city to another.

What fraction of a square mile is a field that is half mile long and one fourth mile wide?