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Since n is positive, |n| = n, so you have 2n - n = n. The difference is n.

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Q: What is the difference of a positive integer n and twice its absolute value?
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What is the difference between signed integer and unsigned integer?

An unsigned integer cannot be negative. It has a maximum positive value twice that of a signed integer. Max signed: 128 Max signed: 256 I could be off by one there, though.

How can you make an LCD into a fraction?

An LCD is a positive integer. But any integer can can be expressed as a fraction : as the same number divided by 1. Or twice the number divided by 2, etc.

How many solutions do absolute value equations have?

An equation with absolute values instead of simple variables has twice as many solutions as an otherwise identical equation with simple variables, because every absolute value has both a negative and a positive counterpart.

What are the two positive integers that have a product of 98 where one integer is twice the other?

The integers are 14 and 7.

Two positive integers have a product of 98 one integer is twice the other?

The two integers are 7 and 14. 7 x 14 = 98.

Why are -3 and 3 closer to each other than -4 and 4?

In each case the difference is twice the absolute value and the absolute value of -3 and +3 (which is 3) is smaller than the absolute value of -4 and +4 (which is 4).

One integer is 3 more than twice another integer?

x = 3 + 2y

How do you compare a positive and a negative integer?

One (negative) is preceded by a - sign and the other (positive) is not. Negative integers have values less than zero, whereas positive integers have values greater than zero. If a positive and negative integer are made up of the same digits and in the same order (e.g., 2 and -2, or 896 and -896), then when added together they will equal zero. If, however, one is subtracted from the other, then they will equal twice the number from which the other is subtracted.

To get perfect cube?

You multiply an integer by itself twice or multiply 1 by an integer three times.

The reciprocal of two times a certains integer plus the reciprocal of 2 more than twice the integer equals 724 what is the integer?

??? explain better.

Find an integer such that the sum of twice the square of the integer and theinteger itself is 55?

find the sum of 2 and 2

The sum of an integer and twice the next consecutive integer is 29. What are the integers?

9 and 10 9 + 2(10) = 29

What is seven times the difference between twice a number and sixteen?

7*(2*x - 16), or maybe 7*| 2*x - 16 |. It depends on if you want to keep the 'difference' to be a positive number.

What is eight more than twice the greatest negative integer?


What is the algebraic expression for the difference between twice a number and 25?

It can be: 2x-25 or 25-2x or maybe the absolute value of (2x-25).

When 11 times a certain integer is subtracted from twice the square of the integer the result is 21find the integer?


Difference of eight times a number and twice the number?

twice the difference of three times a number and eight

How Find three consecutive even integers such that three times the first integer i six more than twice the second integer?

They are 14, 16 and 18.

The difference of two positive numbers is 16. One number is 3 times the other. Find the two numbers?

If the higher is 3 times the lower, the difference must be twice the lower so the numbers are 8 and 24.

How Find three consecutive even integers such that three times the first integer is six more than twice the second integer?

The numbers are 14, 16 and 18.

The sum of two integers is 51. The larger integer is 3 more than twice the smaller integer. Find the two integers?

no one wants to know the answer. its freaking math

If a star is twice as far from earth than another star which star has a greater absolute magnitude?

Absolute magnitude is a measure of brightness, and your question says nothing about that, it only describes relative distance. Let's try a different question. Two stars appear to have the same brightness, but one is twice as far away as the other; which has the greater absolute magnitude? The answer then is, the more distant one has the greater absolute magnitude.

What is twice the difference of x and 8 is -18?


Can you still test positive if you had cv-19 a month ago?

Can a person text positive twice for the CV 19

200 degree Celsius is hot as 100 degree Celsius?

No. It is hotter. However, it is not twice as hot since the Celsius scale is not absolute - Kelvin is the absolute scale for temperature.