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The english system is the metric system. There is no difference.

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What is the difference between metric and coustomary?

In most of the world, there is no difference, because the metric system is the customary system.In a few isolated hold-out corners of the world, such as the USA, the English system is still customary.In those places, the main difference between the metric system and their customary system is that theircustomary system is a lot harder for their people to learn than the metric system would be.

Is English system considered as a metric system?

The English system is a measurement system; in a sense it is a metric system but it is not the metric system, so I would avoid using that word to describe it.

What is the difference between English units and the metric system?

If that is supposed to be English units, Metric units are used based on the power of 10. English units aren't based on anything consistently.

Are inches part of the metric system or English system?

Inches are part of the English system and centimeters are part of the metric system.

Is a liter an English or Metric system?


Do scientists use English system or the metric system of measurement?

The metric system.

Converting a liter in the German metric system to the English metric system?

There is only 1 metric system - a German litre equals an English litre.

Differentiate English measurement and metric system?

English system evolved from non-standard measure.Metric system is a decimal system

English metric system for measuring mass?

English: pound. Metric: kilogram.

Is gram an English system or metric system?

The gram is a metric unit of mass.

What is the difference between the metric and the standard system?

The metric system is really the world's standard system.

What is metric system and English system?

what is jistory system

Why is the metric system easier to use han the English system?

metric system is based on 10s

What is the difference between metric and English measurement?

"English" may refer to imperial measuremnet, the system used in the U.S. which uses miles/yards/feet and gallons. England, like much of the world, now uses the metric system.

How are the metric system and English system used in everyday life?

the metric and english system are used in everyday life for certain measurements and distances

What system is used for scientific experimentation Metric or English?


Ano ang pinagkaiba ng metric at English system?

ano ang pagkakaiba ng metric at English system?

How did they derive the formula from English system to metric system?

because it is better to use metric converter than english converter

Why is the metric system easier to use then the english system?

You can convert metric units more easily than English units because the metric system is used with 10s instead of random numbers.

What is difference between the metric system and the imperial unit?

the metric system actually follows logic

Why does America use the metric system instead of the English system?

America doesn't use the metric system in general. We use the English system with Inches, feet, etc.

How is metric system converted to english?

First, there is no such thing as english. There is the Imperial system and the conversion from metric to Imperial is different for different measures.

Why do you use the metric system in science and not in the English system?

The metric system and English system are two "competing" systems of units of measure. The US is one of the few places on earth where the English system is still winning.

What is the measurement used in metric system use English system?

Only the metric system (SI - International System of Units) is scientific and legal around the world. The English system is obsolete.

The difference between the Metric System and SI?

the SI (systeme internationale) uses the metric system for measurements