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Tens is in the whole number columns. Tenths is in the decimals.


The last eight is the tens and the last 5 after the decimal is tenths.

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Q: What is the difference of tens and tenths?
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What is the difference between the place value tens and tenths?

Tens is before the decimal and tenths is after the decimal (:

What is the value of 4 in 27.43?

4 tenths

What is the difference between tens and tenths?

the difference between ten and tenth is the ten is a kind of number and the tenths is a place value

How do you write 0.40 in word form?

four tenths.

Is ten and tenths the same?

no, tens are just tens but tenths are ten tens witch is 100

What is difference between tens and tenths?

tens = numbers that are multiples of 10 (e.g. 10, 20, 30). tenths = numbers that are parts of 10 (e.g. 1/10, 3/10, etc.).

What is the different between tens and tenths?

tens = ten times tenths = 1/10th of anythng.

How many tenths in 6.25?

There are 2 tenths in 6.25.. The 6 is in the ones column, the 2 is in the tenths column and the 5 is in the hundredths column.. (There's a difference between tens/tenths and hundreds/hundredths)

How many tenths are in 9 tens?

There are 9 tenths in 9 tenths.

What is the answer of 18 tens and 18 tenths?

18 tens = 180 18 tenths = 1.8

What is 7 tens and 19 tenths as a decimal?

7 tens = 70 19 tenths = 1.9

30 tens-3 tens 3 tenths?


How many tenths are in 20.4?

There are 2 tens and 4 tenths = 20.4

How many tens are in 85?

8 tens and 5 ones and if you do not konw that and you are not in kindergarden you need some help and do you know 5x6 and4x6 if so tell me asap

What number are you if you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths?

If you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths, you are 743.9.

What place value would you use to compare the numbers 61.02 and 61.12?


How many tenths in 9 tens?


How many tenths in nine tens?


How do you add 9 tens 8 hundredths and 3 tenths to 34.53.?

9 tens, 8 hundredths, and 3 tenths expanded is 9.83 9.83 + 34.53= 44.36.

In the number 789.045 which number is in the tenths column?

It is digit and it is 0, if you mean tenths, 8 if you mean tens.

How do you write 3 tens 2units and 5 tenths as a decimal?

3tens 2units 5 tenths = 32.5

How do you round 7.156 by the nearest tens?

To the nearest tens: 10 To the nearest tenths: 7.2

How do you write four tens as a decimal?

Four tens is 40.0 Four tenths is 0.4

What is decimal 506 tens?

506 tenths is 0.0506

What is the place value of 8 in 2.8?

The place value of the digit 8 in 2.8 is eight tenths.

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What is difference between tens and tenths?

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