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A 1000x100 sq ft is a measure of area. Four such sides also represent a measure of area. It is not valid to convert from a measure of area to a linear measure such as a foot.

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Q: What is the dimension by feet of 4 sides of a 100x100 sq ft?
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How big is a 100 ft by 100 ft room?

Just multiply the length by the width to get square feet. 100x100=10,000sq ft

How big is a half acre 75x75 or 100x100 or 125x125 or 150x150 FT?

None of them.However, 150*150 square feet is close.

What is the dimension of an acre in square feet?

Answer: 1 acre = 43,560 ft²

How do you convert 50 ft in height to ft squared?

Square feet are a two-dimensional measurement, used to represent area. Your measurement of 50 ft is in one dimension (height); without a second dimension, such as width, square feet cannot be used.

What is the dimension of this rectangle if the perimeter is 256 ft and area of 3772 feet?


How many feet of rope do you need to tie off an area 43 feet long by 20 feet wide?

You have two 43-ft sides = 86-ft and two 20-ft sides = 40-ft. Total perimeter = 126-ft.

How many feet to enclose a square with 33 ft sides?

33 feet x 4 sides = 132 feet

How many cu ft in an area 3 ft x 20 ft?

None, to work out cubic feet you need three dimensions, 3 feet x 20 feet is 60 square feet, to get to cubic feet you need another dimension.

How many ft are there in 10 cu ft?

Cubic feet measure volume. It is not possible to measure the number of feet in cubic feet. Cubic feet are in three dimensions. Feet are in one dimension. (And square feet are in two dimensions.)

Can 6500 sq ft house fits on 100x100 plot?

Assuming the house is square - yes.

What is the rhombus of a with diagonals of 10 ft and 12 ft?

It is a rhombus with sides of length sqrt(61) feet = approx 7.8 feet.

What is the square foot of a room 16x30?

To calculate square feet, multiply one dimension by the other. A room of these dimensions, 16 ft by 30 ft would be 480 square feet. - wjs1632 -