What is the dimension of garage?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Garages come in many sizes ranging from small single-car garages to huge multi-story public garages.

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Q: What is the dimension of garage?
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What is the average dimension of a one-car garage in a Neo-Mediterranean style home?

The location (country) is more important than the appearance.

How do you figure out percent of square footage of house?

Length x width of the interior edge of the foundation. Also, add the dimension of any attached enclosed garage in the figure. Non-enclosed or detached garage or car port do not apply.

What are the usual dimensions of a tandem garage?

The average dimension for a tandem garage with only one door for vehicle access is a 14 foot door that is about 14 feet high. The interior space might be about 16 to 20 feet wide and 13 to 16 feet in depth. A two-door tandem garage is going to be about 16 to 20 feet wide and 16 to 20 feet in depth.

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What is the area for a garage with 3 walls total length is 66 feet and the kitchen wall is the fourth wall?

This can not be answered with the information given. To find the area you must know two dimensions and you only gave one dimension and that was the length of 66feet. Also you asked for area of a garage but a garage is an open space.. you should be looking for volume so in actuallity you need give three dimensions. You should give the length of each wall the height of each wall and how deep your garage goes back.

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