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Q: What is the dimension of mental sexuality?
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Four dimension of hauora and sexuality?

The four dimensions of Hauora are -Taha Wairua -Taha Tinana -Taha Hinengaro and - Taha Whanau Which mean -Spiritual -Physical -Mental and Emotional and Societal

What importance of human sexuality and its dimension?

Tang ina mo is answer

What are 3 dimension of human sexuality?


What is the 3 kinds of dimentions of health?

1.physical dimension 2.mental dimension dimension

What are the three dimension of human sexuality?

the four dimensional are (joanne).(jhanica).(jennifer)and (rhiza)

What is the importance of human sexuality and its dimension?

For me the importance of human sexuality is you can express your love to your partner and also it can help to improve our lifestyle.

What are the three dimension of health?

The three dimensions of health are: - physical - mental and - social.

What is dimensionality of love and lust?

Lust knows only one dimension - the sexual dimension. love is the whole package that includes the physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and emotional part of being human.

Definition of health dimension?

health is state of the physical ,social , mental well being of individual and absence of disease and infirmity.

What are the importance of human sexuality and its dimension?

siguro ur the only 1 that can answer it..di nga namin alam e....thanks by bordz regine and hyacinth

What year was homosexuality classed as a mental illness until?

Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness until 1973, when the American Psychiatric Association removed it from its list of mental disorders. This change in classification was a significant milestone in the recognition and acceptance of homosexuality as a normal and natural variation of human sexuality.

What has the author William E Thornton written?

William E. Thornton has written: 'Codependency, sexuality, and depression' -- subject(s): Codependency, Mental Depression, Sex