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19ft from baseline and 15.9ft from the backboard

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Q: What is the distant from a freethrow line to the base line?
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How far is the freethrow line?

15 feet

What line does a player shoot from after being fouled in basketball?

freethrow line

How far is the normal freethrow line?

15 feet

Distance of freethrow line in basketball?

15 feet

How long is the freethrow line?

15 ft from the basket

How do you run a half court suicide drill?

On our court there are additional lines, one between the baseline and freethrow line "we'll call this line A" and one between the freethrow line and halfcourt "we'll call this line B" that I use. I believe the extra lines are for volleyball. So I line A, freethrow line, B and halfcourt for our suicides.

How far is the College freethrow line?

NBA and NCAA is 15ft from the backboard.

Is it illegal to jump behind the foul line during a freethrow?

no if your foot stays behind the line

Are you allowed to have your foot on the line when you are shooting a free throw?

No im sorry but you can not have your foot on the line when you are shooting a freethrow. If you do put your foot on the line and you make it the shot will not count.

What is the base word of distance?


What is another name for basket?


What happens in basket ball when a player is fouled in the key while shooting?

they get 2 shots from the freethrow line if they miss and 1 shot if they make it (:

How long do you have to shoot a freethrow?

10 seconds

What is the base line in basketball?

The base line in basketball is the out of bounds line!

How much is a freethrow worth in basketball?

One point.

What is the distant apart for each base in softball?

60 feet

What is the name of the basketball shot worth one point?


How many points does a freethrow after a foul get in basketball?

1 point

How many pointers can you get in basketball?

You can get up to 4 points. You can get 1 point for every freethrow you make when you are fouled. Two points for every basket you make inside the 3-point line. 3 points for every basket you make outside the 3-point line and 4 points if you were to get fouled while shooting the 3, therefore if you make your freethrow making it four points all together.

What is a distant cousin?

A distant cousin is a cousin you do not feel closely related to. Most people would agree that a first cousin is not a distant cousin, and that a sixth cousin is. But there is no generally agreed fine line defining where "distant" begins.

Where is the base line on a tennis court?

The Base Line is the Line that ends the doubles alleys. it is the line that is farthest from the net

What is the angle at home base?

90 degrees from 1st base line to 3rd base line.

What is the meaning of base line in volleyball?

The base line is the end line on both sides of the court.

How many points do you get when you score in basketball?

Officially, 1 for a freethrow, 2 for a field goal, and 3 for a 3-pointer (any shot made behind the three-point line).

How far is the basketall freethrow line from the rim?

The distance of the free throw line is 15 feet (or 4.572m) from the backboard. The rim is 45cm in diameter, plus the 15 cm that divide the rim from the backboard, making the front of the rim 3.972m (or 13.03 feet) from the foul line.