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One divided by one fifth equals five.

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Q: What is the division number sentence to express how many fifths make up a whole?
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What is the definition of a division sentence?

A division sentence is a number sentence. The sentence is used to express a division fact such as six divided by three equals two.

What is 4 fifths as a whole number?

Four fifths is not a whole number so it is not possible to express it as a whole number.

What is a division sentence?

a division sentence is when you divide and when you divide then you put the bigger number first

What is the contact phone number of American express travel office in Karachi?

Telephone number of american express travel division karachi

What is three fifths divided by one third?

nine fifths in division for fractions u gotta make the 2nd number flipped around(recipracol) and TADA!

How do you write a division sentence?

you can write a division sentence by writing lets say 20/2. You have to have a big number first like 20 then a division sign / then a smaller number that goes in to the numbe 20 which can be 2 then you put an equal sign = then the answer which is 10. that's how to right a division sentence.

What is division number sentence?


What is the whole number of 13 over 2 fifths?

13 / (2/5) in its simplest form, is an improper fraction and there is no way to express that as a whole number.

What a division sentence modeled by an array that has 2 more rows than the number in each row?

write a division sentence modeled by an array that has 2 more rows than the number in each row

Find four fifths of a number?

To find 4/5 of a number, multiply the number by 4, then divide the result by 5. You can also do the division first if you like.

What is the first number in a division sentence?

Not sure what your question is. If what you are asking is for the terms used in a division problem, they are: (1) the divisor: the number that is being used to divide by; (2) the dividend: the number that is being divided; and (3) the quotient: the result (or answer) of the division.

What is four fifths as a number?

Four fifths IS anumber.

What is 16 fifths as a mixed number?

16 fifths as a mixed number = 31/5

What is the mixed number for fourteen fifths?

2 and 4 fifths

How many fifths in 24 3 fifths?

Assume the number is 24 3/5. Express that in improper fraction: (24 * 5 + 3) / 5 = 123 / 5 Then, there are 123 "fifths [or 1/5]" in 24 3/5.

What is a dividend in a division sentence?

In a division sum, such as 12 / 3 = 4, the dividend is 12. The second number is called the divisor, and the answer is called the quotient.

Represent sixteen fifths as a mixed number?

sixteen-fifths as a mixed number is 3and 1/5

What number is larger two fifths or two ninths?

two fifths

What is thirty fifths converted to a mixed number?

Thirty fifths is not expressed as a mixed number. It is a whole number 30/5=6

How do you Write eleven-fifths as a mixed number?

Eleven-fifths (11/5) as a mixed number = 21/5

You want a sentence using remainder in it?

a number that is left after division has been completed.

What is the mixed number for 0.784?

Since the number in the question is less than 1, it is not necessary to express it as a mixed number. Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, it is equal to 98/125 or ninety-eight one hundred and twenty-fifths.

The number of fifths in 40 is what?

There are 200 fifths in 40.

Is four fifths a rational number?

It is a rational number.

What is three-fifths as a whole number?

Three-fifths is a fraction and there is no sensible way to represent it as a whole number. The whole part of it is 0.

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