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Q: What is the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative power property and prestige?
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What is social inequality or stratification?

Social stratification is a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, power, and prestige.

What is the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative power?

social stratification

What is an example of stratification?

Stratification refers to a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, prestige, and power.Every society stratifies its members.In every society of the world, gender is a basis for stratifying people. Example of stratification systems; slavery, caste, class.

Can you rent out your property to a relative?

i think so but you half to own the property

We are in possession of my deceased relative's personal property for the last 7 months and now another relative is trying to come here and take it What are our rights?

If the relative had a will their property must be distributed according to the provisions of the will. If there was no will the state laws of intestacy dictate who should receive the property as legal next of kin. You can check your state laws at the related question link below. In either case, the estate should be probated.

Is 'small' a qualitative or a quantitative property?

It is a relative quantitative property.

What property of minerals is classified by the Mohs scale?

Relative hardness is the property of minerals that uses the Mohs scale for classification.

How do you remove a relative from a deceased parent's home when the parent died with a will and did not include that relative as a beneficiary.?

The new owner of the property or the trust holding the property would need to legally evict the person.

Can I rent my section 8 property to a relative?

No you can not unless that relative has a disability and that the rental unit is specialized for that tenant's disability.

What division of Islam believes that only a relative of Mohammed is qualified to be a caliph?


What property are you testing if you scratch a mineral with a penny a nail and your fingernail?

It relative hardness, compared to others. It is relative because it does not give absolute values.

Unclaimed property regarding relative states Matured Endowment Aunnity what is it?

I recently found out that a relative has left a Matured Endowmnet in my name. What is this?

Your dad died and the house your parent lived in the deeds was in him and a relative how can your mom add her name to them?

You need to determine how the property was titled with the other relative. If it was as joint tenants with the right of survivorship then your father's interest in the property automatically passed to the relative when he died. If the property was held as tenants in common then your father's estate must be probated and his half interest passed to his heirs at law according to the laws of intestacy in your state. Your mother should obtain a copy of the current deed and seek the advice of an attorney who could determine who holds title and if the estate must be probated.

What is the relative risk ratio of dividing 42 by 48?

Division of numbers does not carry any risk!

What division of Islam believes tha only a relative of Muhammad is qualified to be caliph?


What division of the Islamic community believed their leader should be a relative of the prophet?

That would be Shiite Muslims.

What is Relative Permeability of stainless steel?

The Relative Permeability of stainless steel is approximately 1. This is applicable to stainless steel with no or hardly any magnetic property.

Why do relative molecular mass have decimals?

They are the calculated averages of all the isotopes of a particular element in accordance to their relative abundances, and hence is generally not an integer due to the mathematical division involved.

What mineral property are you testing if a fingernail scratches a mineral?

You are testing the relative hardness of the mineral.

What is the property measured by the Mohs scale?

Relative mineral hardness when compared to other minerals.

Is density a property of an object or a property of the substance the object or a property of the substance the object is made of?

Density (or more properly Relative Density) is an elemental property. An object made from one or more elements will have a density related to the density of the elements.

Is there a difference between estate being willed to you or inheritance?

No. Property that you receive by a will IS an inheritance. Property received from a relative under the laws of intestacy when there was no will is also an inheritance.

How do you claim a property inheritance if relative illegally quit-claimed property?

It is likely the only option is to file a lawsuit and present evidence that the property was fraudulently conveyed to the person who now holds title.

On which property of solutions does the concept of concentration rely?

The amount of solute relative to solvent is what determines concentration. Therefore, solute is the property of solutions on which the concept of concentration relies.

Can you receive a tax credit if a relative lives in a rental property you own?

IF this is a tax credit that your state may have available you should contact your local taxing authority or the state tax department about any possible tax credit if a relative lives in a rental property that you own.