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The divorce rate for police dispatchers is approximately 12 percent. In the criminal justice field, the divorce rate is quite high because of the careers strenuous hours and the safety concerns.

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Q: What is the divorce rate for police dispatchers?
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Do police dispatchers have the same authority of a police officer?

Not normally. There are still a few places where 911 dispatchers/call takers are sworn peace officer, but they are in the minority. The vast majority of dispatchers are civilians with no arrest authority.

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Why does a police officer have to keep a police log?

Dispatchers log all of the police's activity. This log is kept because of court. Anything can happen and most likely will happen. The log shows the court every step that was taken. Dispatchers record everything that is said on the radio and what time it was said. It is a official document.

Does mclane trucking company employ dispatchers?

Yes I'm currently a driver there and deal with our dispatchers daily. Every company that has drivers has dispatchers.

When police call dispatcher do it show their location?

Most people radios are equipped with GPS locators to give dispatchers an idea as to the location of Police (closest officer is typically dispatched)..

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What are the ranks for the police Stragic Response Unit?

Commanders, civilians, and constables are the ranks for the Strategic Response Unit. Civilians and constables are the dispatchers of the SRU.

When was American Train Dispatchers Association created?

American Train Dispatchers Association was created in 1917.

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What do the police say when you call 911?

Chances are you won't talk to the police when you call 911. Dispatchers answer in the 911 center who will dispatch police, fire, or ems to your location when needed. If you call 911 just to see what they say then you might have another problem on your hands.