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Usually 17 for a learners permit - that would be in the year 2011 for someone born in 1994.

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Q: What is the driving age of a person born in 1994?
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Did California change the driving age for anyone born after 1994?

No. cali didn't pass that law

When can a person born in 1994 get a drivers license in Quebec?

at the age of 16

Will you have to wait till you are 21 to drive in the UK if you were born in 1994?

No, the age limit for obtaining a driving licence has not been changed. You have to wait until you are 17.

What age would you be if you were born in 1994?


How old must you be to start driving if you were BORN in the year of 1999?

The driving age where you live is the same no matter when you were born.

In what year do you have to be born in to be age thirteen?


What year do kids born in 1994 get there license in Arizona?

The legal driving age for Arizona is 15 years plus 6 months for a Learner's Permit and 16 for a Drivers' License.

Did they change the driving age to 17 years of age if you were born after January 1 1991?


What is the driving age for people born in 1995?

Age 16 or 17 in most regions.

What is the UK minimum driving age limit?

The Road Traffic Act states that no person under the age of 17 may hold a car driving licence.

Driving age for pizza delivery person?

100 and 24 million

What age do you get your driving permit in FL?

In the state of FL you receive your permit at the age of 15. It does not matter about what year you were born because they have had questions and problems about that but it has not affected the age of driving, yet.

Did the driving age in Ohio change for people born 1997?


What if person is driving with a learners permit without a licensed driver age 21 with them in the vehicle?

The person driving is breaking the law. Not a good start for a beginning driver.

What is the legal age to pump gas in Illinois?

A person should be 16, legal driving age, to pump gas.

What year was fugative born?

Born11 March 1994 (age 16)

How old would i be if i was on Jupiter if i was born in 1994?

The same age you are now

What is shivshakti's sachdev's age?

Shivshakti sachdev was born may 21st 1994 so she is age 18.

What age do elderly stop driving?

first of all please respect my answer i do not want to mean but i think the age elderly stop driving is 80 years and up it really depends on the person.

Who was born November 22 1994?

I was born on this dreay November day, my name Dakota, my age 15.

What is the perfect age to have an menstrUation if you are born in year 2000?

The perfect age varies from person to person, regardless of what year they were born in. It will start when it is supposed to, and end when it it supposed to.

What is the maximum age for driving in UK?

There is no maximum driving age in the UK.

Driving age in Portugal?

The legal driving age in Portugal is 18yrs.

What is the driving age for liechtenstein?

The legal age for driving in Liechtenstein is 18.

Legal age for driving in the US?

There is not a federally mandated driving age in the US - the lawful driving age is left up to the individual states.