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Q: What is the effect of doubling the column length on the resolution?
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How increase the resolution between two peaks in high pressure chromatography?

Resolution indicates the actual degree of separation of two compounds. - It can be increased by;- increasing column length ( diffusion will increase proportionally , opposing resolution) - altering selectivity of the column, (mobile and stationary phases). also gradient elution.

What is the unsupported length of the column?

Length over which the column has no support is taken as unsupported length of the column

What effect does doubling the base of a triangle have on the area?

Doubling the base of a triangle while keeping the height constant will double the area of the triangle. The area of a triangle is directly proportional to its base length, so increasing the base length by a factor of 2 will result in the area being multiplied by 2 as well.

What is the Change in resistance of wire when its length is double?

Assuming the wire follows Ohm's Law, the resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its length therefore doubling the length will double the resistance of the wire. However when the length of the wire is doubled, its cross-sectional area is halved. ( I'm assuming the volume of the wire remains constant and of course that the wire is a cylinder.) As resistance is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area, halving the area leads to doubling the resistance. The combined effect of doubling the length and halving the cross-sectional area is that the original resistance of the wire has been quadrupled.

How do you calculate column volume?

Multiply column inside diameter by the column's length. Then convert to units you need. The above is not correct.The volume of a column is the circular area of the column multiplied by the length, pi*radius^2*length.

What is the column length column to column of the Great Wall of China?

5 inches

How many doubling the width of a box affect its volume?

If the other dimensions (length and height) are left unchanged, doubling the width will double the volume.

How can doubling the width of a rectangular rug affect the perimeter and area?

Doubling the width of a rectangular rug will affect the perimeter because the total length and width will be doubled. The area will be twice the length times the width.

Why is the length of air column increased slowly?

The length of the air column is usually increased slowly because of resonance.

Measure of clarity of an image?

For practical purposes the clarity of the image is decided by its spatial resolution, not the number of pixels in an image. In effect, spatial resolution refers to the number of independent pixel values per unit length.

How does doubling the area of a square affect the side length?

It is increased by x sqrt(2).

How do you select hplc column in method development?

firs you mist know the polarity for sample, wen the sample polar you can use "RP" column like C18 or C8 ( C18 first in pharmaceutical) . wen sample non polar use "NP" column like silica or CN Column. after that you can change the column in same packing to solve tailing, retention time, Resolution..... or any problem by change column length, particle size or carbon loud