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The number is divided by 4.

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Q: What is the effect of shifting an unsigned number in a register two bits to the right?
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Which one is equivalent to multiplying by 2Left shifting a number by 1 or Left shifting an unsigned int or char by 1?

The second.

How do you find the factorial using while loop in c plus plus?

unsigned __int64 factorial(unsigned __int64 number) { unsigned __int64 factorial=1; while(number) factorial*=number--; return(factorial); }

Difference between signed number from unsigned number?

a signed number is one that can be negative (have a sign) whereas an unsigned number will only be positive. due to less information, you can double the largest number storable in a signed integer to get the data available in an unsigned integer. However, PHP doesn't have unsigned integers, they're all signed.

What if -1 is assigned to a unsigned variable in C plus plus?

If you assign -1 to a unsigned variable it will contain the biggest number its able to hold. For example if you assign -1 to a unsigned int it will be 4294967295 as its the biggest number a unsigned int can hold.

What is the c plus plus program to print armstrong numbers from 1 to 100?

#include<iostream> #include<vector> unsigned count_digits (unsigned num, const unsigned base=10) { unsigned count=1; while (num/=base) ++count; return count; } class number { std::vector<unsigned> value; unsigned base; public: number (const unsigned _value, const unsigned _base=10): value {}, base {_base} { *this = _value; } number& operator= (const unsigned _value); operator unsigned () const; bool is_narcissistic () const; }; number& number::operator= (unsigned _value) { unsigned count = count_digits (_value, base); value.resize (count); while (count) { value[value.size()-count--] = _value%base; _value/=base; } return *this; } number::operator unsigned () const { unsigned num = 0; for (unsigned index=0; index<value.size(); ++index) num += value[index]*static_cast<unsigned>(std::pow (base, index)); return num; } bool number::is_narcissistic () const { unsigned num = 0; for (unsigned index=0; index<value.size(); ++index) num += static_cast<unsigned>(std::pow (value[index], value.size())); return num == static_cast<unsigned> (*this); } unsigned main() { const unsigned min=1; const unsigned max=100; std::cout << "Narcissistic numbers in the range " << min << " through " << max << ":\n\t"; for (unsigned n=min; n<=max; ++n) if (number(n).is_narcissistic()) std::cout << n << ' '; std::cout << '\n' << std::endl; }

What is a program that calculates the sum of any 5 digit integer number entered by user?

#include<iostream> unsigned sum_of_digits(unsigned num) { unsigned sum = 0; do { sum += num%10; } while (num/=10); return sum; } int main() { unsigned number = 12345; unsigned sum = sum_of_digits (number); std::cout << "Sum of digits in " << number << " is " << sum << std::endl; }

How do you write program in 'c' palindrome or not palindrome the number using while loop?

Reverse the digits then test to see if the new number is the same as the original number. If it is, the number is a palindrome, otherwise it is not. To reverse an unsigned integer (any base, default is 10): unsigned rev (unsigned num, unsigned base=10) { unsigned r=0; while (num) { r*=base; r+=num%base; num/=base; } return r; }

What is the maximum number in unsigned 16-bits?


C program to find the lowest digit of a number?

unsigned lowest_digit (unsigned num) { unsigned lowest = 9; // lowest digit until proven otherwise... while (num) { unsigned digit = num%10; // extract least-significant digit if (digit

What number system is used to display a memory address?

it is decimal unsigned number system...

How do you calculate the number of digits in an integer value using c programme?

#include <math.h> inline unsigned int get_num_digits(const unsigned int n) { return ((unsigned int) log10(n) + 1); }

What is the largest number that can be stored in 16bits?

32767 signed, 65535 unsigned.

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