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Surface Area

r2x 3.14159(pi)x 2 + (why times 2, well theres 2 circles)

Circumfrence X Hieght

Area of cirlce + Area of Rectangle around = Surface area

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Q: What is the equation for SA of a cylinder?
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How can i find the radius of a cylinder if i don't know the volume?

You can find the radius of a cylinder if you know the surface area and the height. SA = (2pi r^2) + (2pi r h) Plug in values for SA and h and solve for r. You will have a quadratic equation. The answer will be the positive root.

What is condition equation?

3a*3b= sa=b

What is a conditional equation?

3a*3b= sa=b

What is the volume equation for a cylinder?

area of the base*height

What is the surface area of a cylinder that has a radius of 6 inches and a height of 8 inches?

The surface area of a cylinder is the circumference times the height plus twice the area of the top. SA = 2πr2 + 2πrh SA = 2π(6)2 + 2π(6)(8) SA = 72π + 96π SA = 168π SA ≈ 527.52

The radius of the base of a cylinder is 27cm and its height is 33cm find the surface are of the cylinder?

75684.6cm^2 SA=2B+pi x r^2 SA=2 x 54+ pi x 27^2 x 33 SA=108+2290.2 x 33 SA=108+75576.6 SA=75684.6cm^2

How do you write a situation equation in math?

ewan ko sa tae

What is the exterior surface area of a cylinder?

2πr2 + 2πrh = SA Where r is the radius of the end circle and h is the height of the cylinder. for an open cylinder just get rid of the 2πr2

What is the equation to calculate volume of a cylinder?

, is what I found on the internet as the formula to solve the volume of a cylinder, I would double-check though.

If volume of a cone with the same height as cylinder the equation for the radius of cone R in terms of the radius of cylinder r is?

1884 cm3

What equation will you use to get the area of a cylinder?

A cylinder does not have area, since it is a three dimensional object. Instead, it is usually described as having volume,

What is the surface area of a cylinder 6 ft radius by 16 ft length?

Well, to find the surface area of such a cylinder, one would need to find the area of the base and multiply it by two (for there are two identical bases in a cylinder), and then add the area of the "rectangle" wrapped around the cylinder. So, you could make an equation like this: ((62*pi)*2)+(16*((6*2)*pi))=SA That would simplify to approximately 829.38 ft.2, if I'm not mistaken.