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Q: What is the equation for the curcumference?
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How do you find the curcumference of a circle?

you times it by 3.14 but if you get a radius you timesit by 2, then by 3.14

Who discovered the earths curcumference?

Eratosthenes was the first to measure the Earth's circumference pretty acurately.

What is curcumference of the mooon?

Moon's circumference is 6790 Miles. or 10,864 Kms. (i.e. 27% of the earth)

What is the radius if the curcumference is 23 inches?

Assuming we are talking about a circle... C = 2xpixr 23 = 2 x pi x r r = 23/(2xpi)

If the diameter of the circle is 5m then what would the curcumference of the circle be?

15.70 meters Circumference = diameter x pi 5 meters x 3.14 15.70 meters

How is pi used in basketball?

Pi is used in basketball to measure the curcumference of diameter in the basketball itself, the hoop, the rim, and the ring that the players do the jump ball in.-Sanderson Pickweal .

How do you find the curcumference of a circle if you have the radius?

r=d/2 c=Pi*d 2*r=d c=Pi*2*r where c is the circumference r is the radius and d is the diameter

How do you find the curcumference of a circle when you have the area?

a = πr2 ∴ r = √(a / π) c = 2πr ∴ c = 2π√(a / π) ∴ c = 2√π2 √(a/π) ∴ c = 2√(π2a/π) ∴ c = 2√(πa)

What is the surface of a baseball?

curcumference should be about 9.42 3 inch diameter If the ball diameter is 3 inches, then the surface area is Pi x D2 = Pi x 9 = 28.274 square inches (rounded to third decimal).

What is an equation that contains a variable?

It is an equation. It could be an algebraic equation, or a trigonometric equation, a differential equation or whatever, but it is still an equation.

What is an equation that relates quantities represented by variables?

Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".

Do you answer an equation?

you don't answer an equation, you solve an equation