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The equation is xy = k where k is the constant of variation.

It can also be expressed y = k over x where k is the constant of variation.

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Q: What is the equation of an inverse relationship?
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What is a inverse realtionship?

In an inverse relationship, one variable decreases while the other increases. As an equation, a basic inverse relationship looks like x = 1/y.

Is xy 7 inverse equation?

It is difficult to be certain. Limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals". If the question is about xy = 7, then it is an equation of an inverse relationship. This is NOT the same as an inverse equation.

What is a equation that is the inverse of the exponential equation?

Logarithmic equation

Must be positive the slope of an inverse relationship?

The slope of an inverse relationship

How does finding an inverse related to a reciprocal?

A reciprocal equation is usually y = k/x where k is a constant. This is an inverse relationship because y is equal to k divided by x.

A demand line shows an inverse relationship?

demand line shows an inverse relationship

What happens in an inverse relationship?

An inversely proportional relationship shows that as one variable of an equation increases, the other will decrease. A directly proportional relationship shows that as one variable increases, the other increases as well.

Can you give a sentence using the word inverse?

Sodium and potassium have an inverse relationship. In an inverse relationship, two things are opposite and react to each other.

Is the relationship between pressure and volume direct or inverse?

the relationship between pressure and volume a direct or inverse?

What is the inverse of the equation y equals 4x?

To find the inverse, replace y with x, and x with y. So, the inverse of the equation is: x = 4yWhich is equal to:y = x/4

What is the opposite of an inverse relationship?

The opposite is a direct relationship.

What is the relationship between the wavelength and period?

The frequency (f in the equation lambda = v/f) is the inverse of the period (f = 1/T). Because of this, you could plug the period in to the equation as lambda =vT.

What is a direct relationship as compared to inverse relationship?

The opposite mathematical relationship.

Find the constant variation k for the inverse variation then write an equation for the inverse variation y 2.5 when x 9?

The equation is xy = 22.5

Is the relationship between the pressure and volume of a confined gas direct or inverse?


What is an inverse relationship?


What is an inverse relationship between two variables?

An inverse relationship is one in which as the value of one variable increases, the value of the second variable decreases. For example, in the equation y = 1/x, as y gets bigger, x gets smaller and as x gets bigger, y gets smaller.

Is fluid flow versus viscosity an inverse or direct relationship?

As viscocity increases fluid flow decreases other words, the relationship is inverse.

What is similar between an inverse relationship and a linear relationship What is different?


What is the relationship between aquaculture and water quality?

They have an inverse (negative) relationship.

Do calcium and phosphorus have an inverse relationship?


What do pressure and volume have in common?

Their inverse relationship.

A wave's period and its frequency have a relationship.?


How do you find the additive inverse of a quadratic equation?

Change all the signs. Suppose you have the quadratic equation: y = ax2 + bx + c Its additive inverse is -ax2 - bx - c.

What is a mathematical inverse operation?

an operation that reverses the effect of the equation