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Q: What is the equation of point 21141 and 6455?
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How can you tell if a point is a solution to the equation?

Substitute the coordinates of the point into the equation and if the result is a true statement then the point is a solution, and if not it isn't.

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How do you determine whether a point is on a given line or not?

Substitute the coordinates of the point into the equation of the line. If the equation is still valid then the point is on the line; if not then it is not.

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What does solving the equation for a line tell us?

A line is represented by an equation. Each solution of the equation is a point on the line, and each point on the line is a solution to the equation. So the line is just the graph of the solution set of the equation.

What is an Airy equation?

An Airy equation is an equation in mathematics, the simplest second-order linear differential equation with a turning point.

What is the equation of a line in general form with a point -3 0 and an undefined slope?

You can have infinitely many lines through one specific point, each with a different equation. If you want to have a general equation for ANY line that goes through that point, use the point-slope equation for a line, and use a variable for the slope.