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I think it is 3.14 that equals to pi when u solve it

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Q: What is the equation that equals pi?
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What is the equation to get circumference of a circle if you have the diameter?

Circumference = Pi x Diameter (Pi equals 3.14)

What is the period of the equation y equals -6 sin 2x?


What is the answer for V equals ฯ€ r2h for h?

V = (pi) R2 hDivide each side of the equation by (pi)R2 :h = V/(pi)R2

What is the equation of Pi?

there is no equation of Pi Circumference divided by diameter

Find the equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals cos2x at x equals pi divided by 4?


Is c equals 2ฯ€r the same as c equals ฯ€r squared?

No. C = 2*pi*r is the equation representing the circumference of a circle. The area of a circle is equal to pi*(r^2).

What is the equation of the line tangent to the curve y equals cos x at the point x equals pi over 6?

y = 2(x) - (pi/3) + (sqrt(3)/2)

Use the equation A r equals pi and r to the power of 2 to compute A 6?

113.04 - 113.1

What is the radius if area equals 289 pi?

Recall the equation A = pi * r^2. You've given the information that A = 289 pi. Now, simply solve the equation for r: A = pi * r^2 289 pi = pi * r^2 289 = r^2 sqrt(289) = r 17 = r

How do you convert area back to radius?

A = pi * r2, so by dividing both sides of the equation by pi then taking the square root of both sides, you get... r = (A/pi)½ (r equals the square root of the quotient of A divided by pi.)

How much is a pi?

A pi equals 3.1415326535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923

What is diameter of a 130mm circumferance?

Circumference equals Diameter times Pi, OR Diameter equals (Circumference)/(Pi). In this case, Diameter equals (130mm)/(Pi or 3.14159) equals 41.38mm

What is the common denominator for x equals pie?

X = pi is an equation. If you're looking for common denominators, you should compare denominators.

How do you find pi using a equation?

If: circumference = pi*diameter Then: pi = circumference/diameter

How To find Pi?

Pi always equals 3.14...

Sin theta equals zero answer in radians in terms of pi?

Theta equals 0 or pi.

What equation is the answer to pi?

22/7=pi (roughly) 7 times pi is 21.99115 pi is 3.1415926535898 etc

What numbers spell pi?

the answer of pi equals: 3.141592653589 and so on..................

How do you solve for the Radius r in the cylinder equation V equals ฯ€rยฒh?

Make r the subject of the formula pi*r2*h = V r = the square root of V/pi*h

Why does cos2 equals pi?

Cos2 doesn't equal pi; Cos2 equals roughly -0.416 (with radians).

What is the equation pi?

"Pi" is not an equation - it is a constant. Pi is irrational, that is, it cannot be expressed as a ratio of constants, but it can be truncated for common use (approximately 3.1415). Pi is given by the circumference of a circle divided by the circle's diameter: Pi = C / d

What is the equation for circumfurance?

Pi x twice the radius or pi times the diameter

What is the equation of the perimeter of a circle?

perimeter = pi * diameter, or 2 * pi * radius

How do you determine the radius of a circle if you have the area?

Since the area equals pi times the square of the radius, the radius must be the square root of (the area divided by pi). I got that by dividing both sides of the equation by pi then taking the square root of both sides.

Square pie is 3.1416?

pi is 3.14159... so square pi ( pi x pi) equals 9.869