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Distance = (speed) multiplied by (time)

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Q: What is the equation that links the distance and speed and time of an object?
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What is the equation used to find the speed of an object?

Speed=Distance travelled by the object /Time taken to cover the distance.

The distance an object travels per unit of time is called?

Speed. The equation to find speed is distance over time.

What is the appropriate equation for how fast an object freely falls from a position of rest for how far that object falls?

The equation for speed or fast is v=at and the distance is d=1/2 at2 the acceleration is 'a'.

What can change distance an object travels?

The formula for the distance traveled (assuming a constant speed) is:distance = time x speed So, any of the two factors on the right side of the equation will affect the distance.

What are the three ways to write speed equation to find the time distance and speed?

The basic definition of speed is: speed = distance / time Solve this equation for distance, or solve it for time, to get two additional versions of the equation.

How do you find objects speed?

The speed of an object can be found by dividing the distance travelled by the object by the time taken for the object to travel that distance. Speed=Distance/Time

The equation for speed is?

speed = distance/time

Equation to find speed?

Speed = (Distance)/(Time to cover the distance)

What is an example equation for speed?

speed = distance/time

What is the linear speed equation?

speed = distance ÷ time

Which equation is used to find average speed?

The equation is Average Speed = Distance Travels/Time. Just answered it Correct!

What is the equation to find the speed the car travels over a distance?

Speed = Distance / Time