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1 ton of LNG = 2,000 pounds of it

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Q: What is the equivalent of 1 ton of liquefied natural gas?
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What is one ton of LNG is equivalent to?

About 1330 cu m of natural gas. Assuming natural gas has a calorific value of about 10000 kCal per cu m, 1 ton of LNG is equivalent to about 13.3 million kCal.

How much natural gas is required to produce 1 ton of steam?

75 m3 of natural gas.

How much natural gas is required to produce a ton of plastic?

Around 350 million tonnes.

What is 1 ton of carbon equivalent to?

in literal terms, it is equivalent to 1 ton of anything else

How many lbs is a metric ton?

There are 2204.6 lbs in 1 metric ton (1000 kg).2204.623A metric ton is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms (kg). A kilogram is equivalent to 2.2046 pounds (lb). Hence, a metric ton is equivalent to 2,204.6 lb. a ton= 2000lbsa metric ton= 1000 Kg

How many pounds equal a ton-?

A ton is equivalent to 2000 pounds.

How much natural gas is required to produce a ton of urea?

Each ton of Urea will need 930 cubic meter of natural gas. It will require 230 cubic meter for conversion and nearly 700 cubic meter for input chemical. In MMBTU terms, it will require nearly 27 MMBTU. In calorific value, it will require 7 Giga calories.

What is 1 ton of LNG equivalent to?

1ton LNG is equivalent to 2.193 cubic meters = 1315.79 cubic meters of degassified natural gas.In thermal unit, it is equivalent to 50mmBtu.However it depend on the composition and caloific value of Naural gas considered.The above value can be used for estimation purposes.

What is the metric equivalent of a ton?

A tonne.

How many pounds and in one ton?

2,000 pounds is equivalent to one ton.

What is the different of ton and ton?

A tonne is a metric unit, equivalent to 1,000 kg. A ton is an imperial unit (long ton) equivalent to 2240 avoirdupois pounds and US customary unit (short ton) equivalent to 2,000 US pounds. 1 tonne = 1.10231 short tons = 0.984206528 long tons.

Do air conditioners run on gas?

I once worked on a 318 Chrysler V-8 which ran on Natural Gas that drove an 80 ton AC compressor and cooled a print shop, Real pig...

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