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what is the equivalent of the prefixes

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Q: What is the equivalent of zepto?
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When did Zepto Computers end?

Zepto Computers ended in 2009.

When was Zepto Computers created?

Zepto Computers was created in 2002.

What is Zepto Computers's motto?

Zepto Computers's motto is 'Moving People'.

how much zepto second in a nanosecond?


What is the scientific notation of zepto?

It is 10-21.

what's a zeptosecond?

A zepto second is one sextillionth of a second

What is the smallest unit of measure in the metric system?

Zepto- at 1X10^-21 or 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001

What is a prefix smaller than pico?

Pico refers to 10^-12; femto is a thousand times less, atto is a thousand times less than that, then zepto, and finally yocto at a whopping 10^-24

What comes after an attosecond?

Another attosecond; that's how time works.The metric prefix "atto" means 10^-18. The next smaller prefix, which may be what you meant to ask, would be "zepto" for 10^-21, followed by "yocto" for 10^-24. No smaller prefixes are formally defined, but a "Planck time" is about 5 x 10^-44 seconds, and is believed to be the smallest physically meaningful unit of time.

What is smaller than a nano?

The prefix pico means 10-12 (nano means 10-9). Even smaller are femto(10-15), atto(10-18), zepto(10-21), and yocto(10-24).

6.4 and 6.40 equivalent or not equivalent?

yes these are equivalent

Which is bigger 4 miles or 7040 yards?

They are equivalent.

Is 3.0105 and 3.01005 equivalent or not equivalent?

Not equivalent

Is 1.0050 and 1.005 equivalent or not equivalent?


Is 5 times 7h and 35h equivalent or not equivalent?


Is 214 equivalent to 37?

No they are not equivalent

Is 8x plus 3x equivalent?

It depends on what it is meant to be equivalent to!

Why is 10:30 equivalent to 7:3?

They are not equivalent because 10:30 is equivalent to 1:3.

What are the 5 si units and their prefixes called?

meter (m), kilogram (kg), second (s), kelvin (K), and mole (mol) Prefixes: yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega, kilo, hecto, deka, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto, atto, zepto, yocto

Is 2.26 and 2.260 equivalent or not equivalent?

is 8.05 and 8.50 equivalent

Give the law of combination of resistance in series?

In series combination, Current(I) remains same among all the resistors, but voltage(V) changes. So: V(Equivalent) = I(Equivalent) * R(Equivalent) R(Equivalent) = V(Equivalent)/ I(Equivalent) R(Equivalent) = IR1+ IR2+...+IRn / I R(Equivalent) = I(R1+R2+...+Rn)/ I R(Equivalent) = R1+R2+...+Rn

Are 7.02 and 7.020 equivalent?


6.4 and 6.40 is equivalent or not equivalent?

yes. 6.4 and 6.40 are equivalent

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No, they are not equivalent!

What is the difference between a cubic decimetre and a liter?

They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.