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Given a value of x, find the value for -3x + 2

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Q: What is the evaluate algebraic expression for -3x plus 2 equals?
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How do you evaluate an algebraic expression such as 7 plus d?


Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


Evaluate the following expression for y equals 6 25 plus 2y?


What is (a plus 5 ) plus 23 what does it equal?

It is an algebraic expression which equals a + 28.

What is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression?

b + 1 is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression.

What is each part of an algebraic expression separated by a plus or minus sign?

They are terms of an algebraic expression

Is 8x plus 6 an algebraic expression or an inequality?

It is an algebraic expression. An inequality includes '>' or '

What is the answer to algebraic expression b plus 1?

The answer is b+1. Therefore the algebraic expression for this is b+1

How would you evaluate 7 plus 2.53 equals 28.5 as an expression?

It should be evaluated as a major calculation error!

How many terms are there in the algebraic expression in this problem 3y plus 9 plus 7x?

There are 3 terms in the algebraic expression of: 3y+9+7x

What type of expression is 7x2 plus 3x?

Algebraic expression.

Simplify the algebraic expression 2x-3y-7y plus 4x-5 and evaluate it for x equals 10 and y equals 4?

2x - 3y -7y + 4x - 5 = 6x - 10y - 5 and (6 x 10) - (10 x 4 ) - 5 = 60 - 40 - 5 = 15

Which algebraic expression is equivalent to the expression below (8 times 12) plus 8?

There is no variable in (8x12)+8, so it would be called an arithmetic expression. It would evaluate to 96+8 = 104.

What is the expression to 5m3 plus 4n?

5m3 + 4n is an algebraic expression.

What is the coefficient in this algebraic expression 6n plus 3?

6 is the coefficient of n in this expression.

In algebraic form what is 268 plus v?

The algebraic expression is: 268+v

What is the variable in this algebraic expression 7d plus 2?

The variable is d, in the algebraic expression 7d+2

Is the following expression algebraic arithmetic or neither 5x plus 3y?

5x+3y is an algebraic expression in two terms

What best describe the algebraic expression 7 x plus 12 -4?

The best algebraic expression for 7 x plus 12 -4 is 7x+8.

What is -5 plus 8x?

An algebraic expression

What is x4 plus 64?

It is an algebraic expression

Algebraic expression for a plus 3?

a + 3

Is 2 plus 3 an algebraic expression?

It's more of an arithmetic expression, however, 2x0 + 3x0 = y would be algebraic.

What is 3x plus 12?

3x + 12 is an algebraic expression. An algebraic expression involves variables, constants or both.

What is 9x-63y plus 9?

It is an algebraic expression