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If I understand your question correctly, then you are looking for an example of how to take a word problem and convert it to an equation. This can be done fairly easily, so let's go with an example. We'll start with a word problem:

"Jacob finds a question on, and realizes that if there were one more grammatical error in it, then it would contain 4/3 as many errors as it does now. How many errors are in the question?"

This can be converted to a formula as follows:

  • We'll call the number of errors in the question "x".
  • We know that if another error was made, then the number of errors would be x + 1.
  • We're also told that if another error was made, then the number of errors (x + 1) would be 4/3 as many as it is now (x).
  • We know that those two statements are equal, and can express that equivalency as: x + 1 = 4/3x
Which gives us the equation matching the original word problem.

Now if we want the final answer to that question, we can find it by grouping like terms and simplifying:

x + 1 = 4x / 3

3x + 3 = 4x

3x - 4x = -3

-x = -3

x = 3

So we know that the question contains three errors.

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Q: What is the example of converting word equation and a formula equation?
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