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in the context of an HEENT exam, AC is likely to refer to air conduction during hearing tests.

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Q: What is the expanded form of the abbreviation a-c which is related to HEENT system?
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What does the medical abbreviation Heent mean?

It's actually ENT, which stands for Ear, Nose and Throat. The other term for that type of physician is Otolaryngologist.Ears, nose, and throat.Ear, nose, and throat doctor.otorhinolarynologist

What are the most prevalent health problems involving the HEENT?

HEENT stands for head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat. The most prevalent health problems are eye sight, nasal congestion, headaches, tonsillitis, and earaches.

How do you pronounce Hindenburg?

In English: hinn-dun-berg In German: Heent-en-berk

What does heent perrla mean on a doctor's report?

HEENT simply refers to a part of a physical exam that deals with the Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat. PERRLA would be written if the Pupils are Equal, Round, React to Light, and they can follow moving objects.

HEENT what is reactive to L and A mean?

Reactive to light and accommodation, meaning that the pupils change when exposed to light or when the eyes converge to see something close up.

What is the seven major of health examination?

vision testin or eye sight exam hearing test measuring of weight dental exam pulse rate test mental exam measuring of height if you want the meanings just search it in google and im done

Enumerate the components of a health appraisal?

In the field fo medicine, a complete health appraisal is comprised of the following: History of medical problems, including any current problems, family medical history, social history, medications, allergies, review of body systems, physical exam (including vital signs, weight, HEENT, neck, heart, lung, abdomen, back, extremities, and neurologic exams, plus mental status exam as needed). Also, review of vaccinations, history of STDs, smoking, alcohol and drug use, nutrition, and legal history.