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The exponent of any constant number is 1.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the exponent of 50000?
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How do you write the exponent for 50000?

5 x 10^4

What is the exponent if an exponent is not given?

if there is no exponent shown, then the exponent is 1. ex: 41

Is 25 an exponent?

Yes, 25 CAN BE and exponent. Any number can be and exponent

What is 33 percent of 50000?

33% of 50000= 33% * 50000= 0.33 * 50000= 16,500

What is 1.8 percent of 50000?

1.8% of 50000= 1.8% * 50000= 0.018 * 50000= 900

What is the exponent of meter?

The exponent is a characteristic of a number. A measurement unit does not have an exponent. Since a metre is a measurement unit, it does not have an exponent.

What is the lost exponent?

what is the loose exponent

How do you round 49573 to the nearest thousand?

It is 50000.

What is the exponent in 10 to the 5 power?

Power = 5 = exponent. That is, exponent = 5.

How do you get the exponent?

you get an exponent when you multiply EXAMPLE 10x10x10=1000 that is an exponent NO DONT THINK THAT IF THE EXPONENT IS 3 YOU MULTIPLY IT BY 3 NO WAY JOSE

What is exponent of 300?

300 = 3 x 102

What is 7a 4 as the exponent times 3a 2 as the exponent?

It is: 21a exponent 6

An expression written with an exponent?

written with an exponent

What is the exponent of 11?

The exponent of 11 is 1.

How do you solve a exponent?

Exponent is repeated multiplication

What is the exponent of 19x19x19x19x19?

The exponent of 19x19x19x19x19 is 195

What is the exponent and base for 262144?

The two are related. The answer could be base 2, exponent 18 or base 8, exponent 6 or base 10, exponent 5.4185 or base 262144, exponent 1 or base 68,719,476,736 and exponent 0.5

What is the answer of 25a exponent of 5 15a exponent of 4-35a exponent of 3-40a exponent of 3 10a divided by 5a?


What are the factors of 50000?

they are 1 and 50000

What is 10000 percent of 50000?

10000% of 50000= 100 x 50000 = 5000000

What is 33.3 percent of 50000?

33.3% of 50000 = 50000*33.3/100 = 16650

How many inches is 50000?

50000 inches are exactly equal to 50000 inches.

How much does 50000 pounds weigh?

50000 pounds = 50000/2.2046 kgs

What is the exponent of 88?

Since 88 is given as a number without an exponent, its implied exponent is 1.

What is an exponent in an expression?

An exponent is any number denoted in the following manner. 2x where x is an exponent.