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The growth of cheetah is 5f.t............

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Q: What is the exponential growth of cheetahs?
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What is a growth factor in exponential growth?

implementation of exponential groth

What is the origin of exponential growth?

Exponential growth does not have an origin: it occurs in various situations in nature. For example if the rate of growth in something depends on how big it is, then you have exponential growth.

What is cubic growth and how does it differ from exponential growth?

Cubic Growth is x^a, a being some constant, while exponential growth is a^x. Exponential growth ends up growing MUCH faster than cubic growth.

What are exponential growth and logistic growth?

Exponential Growth: occurs when the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate.Logistic Growth: occurs when a population's growth slows or stops following a period of exponential growth around a carrying capacity.

How can I define and describe logarighmic growth?

Logarithmic growth is the inverse of exponential growth. Exponential growth is a growth that occurs at a rate that is consistent and fast.

What is the difference between exponential growth and decay?

Exponential growth is when the amount of something is increasing, and exponential decay is when the amount of something is decreasing.

Who invented exponentail growth and exponential decay?

Reverend Thomas Malthus developed the concept of Exponential Growth (another name for this is Malthusian growth model.) However the mathematical Exponent function was already know, but not applied to population growth and growth constraints. Exponential Decay is a natural extension of Exponential Growth

When can exponential growth?

when there is no competition When there are unlimited resources- Apex Exponential growth can happen anytime when the rate of the growth is increasing along with an increase in growth.

What is a population in which exponential growth is limited by a density dependent factor?

the answer must be exponential growth model.

How can you use the word exponential growth in a sentence?

the exponential growth of cows are increasing because of reproductin.....

are dogs exponential growth or logistic growth?

Logistics growth as exponential only uses scientific examples to prove a study

Logarithmic growth is known as what?

Exponential growth