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(7n - 4)(n + 3)

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Q: What is the factor of 7n2 plus 17n - 12?
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How do you solve algebra problem 12-7nĀ² equals 0?

If: 12-7n2 = 0 Then: n = square root of 12/7

What is the other factor of 2a2 plus 5a plus 12?

The other factor is 1.

How do you factor out the greatest common factor of 12 m plus 60?

12(m + 5)

How can you factor these polynomials completely 24b plus 12b2 plus 12?

12(b + 1)(b + 1)

How do you factor 2x plus 12?


Factor x2 plus 8x plus 12?

(x + 6)(x + 2)

How do you factor 15x2 plus 66x plus 24?


Factor x2 plus 11x-12?

Assuming the question is written as: x2+11x-12 This would factor to: (x+12)(x-1)

How do you factor 9z plus 12?

3(3z + 4)

How do you factor 12 plus 3q?

3(4 + q)

How do you factor 4x plus 12?

It is: 4(x+3)

How do you simplify 2x plus 12?

You can factor it, if you consider that simpler.