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If you're multiplying numbers with exponents, add the exponents.

32 x 33 = 35

If you're raising exponents to a power, multiply the exponents.

3 squared to the third power = 36

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Q: What is the fast way to simplify when you raise an exponent to another power?
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Write in simple form (3ab)2.?

(3ab)^(2) Explanation: Simplify (3ab)^2 Use the power rule (ab)^n = a^nb^n to distribute the exponent. Raise 3 to the power of 2. 9a^2b^2

When you raise a number to the power with the exponent one half you get its?

principle square root

Write in a simple form (3ab)2?

(3ab)^(2) Explanation: Simplify (3ab)^2 Use the power rule (ab)^n = a^nb^n to distribute the exponent. Raise 3 to the power of 2. 9a^2b^2

What do you do to the exponent when you multiply?

Example(4)2 ( 3)first you take care of the exponent(16)(3)then you times the other numbersYou might mean what happens when you raise and exponent to a power?You multiply the the exponents.

What is (-5) to the power of -1 without an exponent?

I am not entirely sure what you mean: If you raise something to a power, you automatically have an exponent.(-5) to the power (-1) is the reciprocal of (-5) to the power 1, so you have 1 / (-5), or -1/5.

How do you raise a number to a power?

#include <math.h> and link to the math library, then you can use pow(base, exponent).

What does it mean to raise a number to an exponent?

To raise a number to an exponent means to multiply it by itself as many times as the specified exponent. For example: 23 or "two to the power of three" is the same as 2 × 2 × 2 35 or "three to the power of five" is the same as 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 y2 or "y to the power of two" (or "y squared") means y × y

How do you get multiples by using raise to a number in excel?

Use the exponent symbol (^). Example: 3 to the 4th power is 3^4.

How do you raise anumber to a negative exponent?

A number to a negative exponent is the inverse of the number to the positive exponent. That is, x-a = 1/xa

What indicates the number of time for repeated multiplication of the base number?

The power or exponent, such as 3^x [3x: 3 is the base, x is the exponent]: you multiply 3 by itself, x times. So if you have 3^6 = 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 729. The ^ means raise to the power, or to the exponent. It is used in some programming languages and in spreadsheet software.

What happens when you raise a number to a zero exponent?

That number is automatically 1.

How do you type the power of a number on a computer?

Type the number and its exponent, and I find it best to even type the next few characters as well. Highlight the exponent and go up to format, font, and chose superscript. This will raise the number up into its proper place for you.