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Q: What is the fastest 100m dash by a freshman?
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Who is the second fastest women in 100m dash in track an field?

At 10.64 seconds, Carmeleta Jeter is the second-fastest woman in history in the 100m dash.

What is the fastest freshman time in a 100meter dash?


Girls fastest time for 100m dash 9-10?


Who is the faster U13 100m in the world?

the fastest under 13 100m dash was by Nick Catlow in 2010 11.3

What is the time of the fastest 100m dash?

9.58s by Usain Bolt in Berlin 2009.

Who is the fastest preson in the world?

Usain Bolt from Jamaica 9.58sec 100m dash

What was Wilma Rudolph's fastest time in the 100m dash?

Wilma time for 100 m dash was 11 plus.

What is the fastest time a 10 year old girl ran the 100m dash?


Who holds the world record in men's 100m dash?

the fastest time set by a male to do a 100m sprint is usain bolt, he did it in 9.59seconds

Speed of fastest human runner?

Usain Bolt fastest man alive 100m dash 9.58 oh and he is Jamaican.

What is the average speed of the 100m dash?

the fastest 100m dash was set by usian bolt with 9.69 seconds and for many olympic athletes their time averages around 10-11 seconds

Who is the Fastest player in collage football?

Jeff Demps of the Florida Gators is the fastest 100m dash in NCAA Football with a time of 9.96....

What is the fastest 100m dash by 19 year-old male athlete?

9.93 by Yohan Blake, Jamaica

What is the fastest speed reached by a person on foot?

Asafa Powell was clocked at 32 mph at his fastest point in the 100m dash when he ran his 9.74.but... it is wrong because Usain bolt ran .16 faster than him. at 33mph at an 100m dash...

What year did the 100m dash become an event for the Olympics?

I could be wrong, but I think 1896, the fastest time was 13.0 seconds.

What is the fastest women in the worlds time for 100m dash?

10.49 by Florence Griffith-Joyner in the 1988 Seoul Olympic games.

Who is the fastest kid in America?

America is world renowned for being elite in athletics almost England standard. The fastest America kid recorded for the 100m dash is Karl Brent age 15 who recorded at 13.23 but English boy Dean Anderson completed the 100m dash in 13.11 also aged 15.

How fast is the fastest 100m?


Fastest high school 100m?

The fastest high school time ever in the 100m is 10.01 set by Jeff Demps.

How fast is the fastes person?

Usain bolt is the fastest sprinter in the world, clocking a 9.58 100m dash which is 23 MPH or 10.4 Mps

What is the fastest 100m time for eighth grade?

Yaniv Gershom in 2011 Overland Park, Kansas. 11.8 seconds in the 100m dash. Haha. Dude thats slow. The fastest time I have seen by an 8th grader is 11 seconds flat. The second fastest i have seen is 11.4 It doesn't really get much faster then that.

What is the fastest speed a man has run?

Asafa Powell from Jamaica ran 100m in 9.74 seconds. (he holds the fastest time for 100m)

What is the women's fastest time for 100m?


Who is the fastest 100m u16?

Michael Songore

Who is the fastest 100m runner in 2009?