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4.52 Dwight freeney

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Q: What is the fastest 40 an NFL lineman has ever run?
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How has the fastest shuttle run in the NFL combine ever?

3.88 by austin pettis

How often has a center sneak been run in the NFL?

In the NFL, players are not allowed to run the center sneak. This is because the lineman can not be a ball carrier unless there is a fumble.

Second fastest man in NFL?

the fastest man in the NFL is William Ole's he managed to run as fast as 50mph

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

Is Michael Vick the fastest runner in the NFL?

he definitely wasnt the fastest player in the nfl but he was the fastest quarterback in the nfl in the last decade.I can say that Michael Vick has many talents and can not only throw the ball but run and catch the football as well.

Can lineman run the ball in the NFL?

Yes, but they can not receive forward passes

Is Chris Johnson the fastest player in the NFL?

Currently, he is. He is not however the fasterst ever. That title belongs to Bo Jackson, who ran a 4.12 second (hand timed) 40.Based on his 4.24 second 40 yard dash time (run in 2008), Chris Johnson is the fastest player in the NFL.

What is the time in seconds of the fastest mile ever run by a human?

As of January 13, 2008, the fastest mile ever run is 223.13 seconds by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco.

What is the fastest a dog has ever run?

About 46mph Ran by a Greyhound

How fast has the fastest person ever run in Miles Per Hour?

26.0 is the fastest person ever

Is Bob Sanders from the Colts one of the fastest players in the NFL?

Devin Hester is THE fastest, but Bob could probably run a 40 in 4.36.

What is the worlds fastest 350 meter run ever?

5 seconds