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hayabusa ( name of Suzuki road bike)

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Q: What is the fastest bird in Japan?
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Name of the fastest flying small bird in Japan?

it is the English moxin

What is the Fastest diving bird?

a bird.

Fastest birds in the world?

The Peregrine Falcon is not only the fastest bird in the world, but the fastest animal to

What is fastest bird or hank?

the fastest bird in the world is a perregrin falcon. it is mostly found in the U.K

What is smallest but the fastest bird in the world?

The humming bird

Are falcons the fastest bird?


Which bird is the worlds fastest 2 legged bird?


Is the ostrich the fastest bird known to man?

It is the fastest flightless bird, speeds of 50/60 kph have been recorded.

What is the fastest living bird?

According to the related link below, the world's fastest recorded bird is the Gray-Headed Albatross.

Which is the fastest bird on earth?


Which normal bird is the fastest?

The Swift ====== ->-

Who si the fastest bird?