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Moses Mosop of Kenya ran 2:03:06 at the 2011 Boston Marathon

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Q: What is the fastest debut marathon time ever recorded?
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Fastest marathon ever ran?

Geoffrey Mutai ran the Boston marathon in 2:03. Fastest recorded time for a marathon to date.

What is the fastest marathon time ever recorded?

The fastest marathon ever was run by Geoffrey Mutai(2:03:02) at the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2011. But because the legendary Boston course does not meet IAAF layout standards, the World Record belongs to Patrick Makau(2:03:38) recorded at the Berlin Marathon on September 25, 2011.

What is the fastest full marathon ever?

Fastest Time: 2:03:02 Geoffrey Mutai (4/18/11 Boston Marathon)

Who ran the fastest marathon ever for a man and what was the time?

The fastest marathon ever run is 2 hours, 3 minutes and 02 seconds - set by Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai on April 18th 2011 at the Boston Marathon.

What is the fastest time ever for running a marathon?

The fastest woman to ever run a marathon is Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain (2:15:25) at London 2003. The fastest man to run a marathon is Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya (2:03:02) at Boston 2011.

Who scored the fastest ever debut goal in the premiership?

It was Luis suarez

What is the fastest recorded speed ever on skeleton?

the fastest speed ever is 12874.97 mph

Who ran the fastest marathon ever?

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya (2:03:02 in the 2011 Boston Marathon)

What is the fastest speed ever recorded by an automobile?

The fastest speed is 763.035mph

What is the fastest fish ever recorded?

The sailfish

How many minutes are in a marathon?

There is no time limit for completing a marathon. Sometimes people who are physically challenged in some way will take until after sunset to complete the race, just to prove to themselves that they can. The fastest time ever recorded for a marathon was just over 123 minutes at the 2011 Boston Marathon.

Who was the first woman to run a marathon in under 2 hours?

No-one has ever ran under 2 hours for a marathon! The fastest ever man has done it in 2:03 and the fastest woman in 2:15

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