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Your Top Gear or last gear you shift to. Depending on what make and model of your bike, either 4th or 5th on Motocross bikes and for woods bikes it would be 5th or 6th.

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Q: What is the fastest gear on a motorbike?
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Fastest motorbike in the world?

The Y2K motorbike is the fastest motor bike in the world

What is the fastest gear in a car?

top gear

What is the fastets motorbike?

The fastest motorbike today is the Dodge Tomahawk - 500 bhp with Viper Engine V 10 - This concept Bike can touch 300 mph.

What would win in a barrel race a clydsdale or the fastest bike rider?

A clydesdale would easily win. In the word barrel championships the fastest time recorded by a motorbike was 55 seconds around a standard track. A clydesdale did it in under 50 seconds. The fastest motorbike was a suzuki not the expected honda. for more information go to

While turning how to change gear of motor bike?

I think with a car or a motorbike you shouldn't change gear while you are turning. Change gear before you get to the corner or change when you come out of the corner

How do you get fastest board in sonic riders?

If you literally mean the Fastest gear then you get that by collecting junk parts in mission mode then repairing the faster gear turning it into the fastest gear. If your talking about the faster board as in speed wise then that's the high booster which can be purchased at the shop.

Whats the fastest tvr that's been on Top Gear?

The fastest TVR that has ever been on top gear was the TVR cebera speed 12.

How can you tell if the gear box has gone on your yz 80?

If the gear box has gone on your YZ 80 motorbike you will find that your bike slips out of gear very easily. You will notice that there are broken teeth on the gears.

Who is the fastest woman on Top Gear?

Jennifer Saunders is the fastest with a time of 1min 46.1secs

What is the fastest 125cc motorbike?

1300cc isn't a 125cc!! Bell. Id say honda or aprilia rs 125

How does a motorbike work?

Motorbikes works same with cars. All we need to do is to start the engine and set the gear to first.

Who is the fastest man on Top Gear?

Usain Bolt

What is the fastest go kart engine?

a gear-box kart i think it can do about a 150 mph depending on how you gear it

What is the fastest road legal motorbike ever and its specs and times?

i have no idea but the fastest roads legal car is called daggar it goes 300mph from 0-60 2.4 sec it is truly cool

What is the fastest speed can you travel in second gear?

1000000000000000000 mph

Rm 125 has no fourth gear how can i tell what the prob is?

Most motorbike gearboxes are pretty bulletproof, I have found most problems to be in the shift machanism,usually the adjustment on the gear change hub and arm.

Does a 3.5 HP push lawn mower have a Chan to make a motorbike?

A push-type lawn mower does not normally have a chain. Dunno that you might want to use that type of engine to make a motorbike as the engine has a vertical shaft. You would need something to convert the vertical force to horizontal force to drive the gear on the motorbike.

Does Robin have a motorbike?

Yes he has a motorbike but it wasn't exposed his motorbike at all times.

What is fastest car in the world?

The fastest car in the world is a Buggati Varon according to the well love program "Top Gear".

What is the fastest car in the wourld?

the gumpert of gumpurt, or something like that. made in germany. top gear tested it. watch the lap on in search box type in top gear gumpert lap The gumpert is the fastest track car, the bugatti is the fastest drag car

How can you tell if a motorbike is in gear with the engine turned off?

Try just gently pushing the bike forwards or backwards - if it rolls freely it is in neutral, if it rolls a small amount before not moving any more it is in gear.

What is a 250cc motorbike?

its the size of the engine in the motorbike.

Do i need a motorbike license and does a 70cc motorbike need to be registered in Victoria if you ride on private property?

Do i need a motorbike licence or to register a 70cc motorbike in Victoria

How do you draw a motorbike?

I usually trace it when drawing a motorbike.

How much would a motorbike normally cost?

a motorbike would cost about £2000-£10000 it depends on witch motorbike you are buying