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ostrich of course

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road runner

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Q: What is the fastest non flying bird?
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What is the fast flying animal?

The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird, the flying squirrel is the fastest flying mammal.

Can hummingbirds fly fast?

They are the fastest flying bird.

What is the fastest flying bird on foot?

wild turkey

5 fastest flying birds?

Paragien Falcon is the fastest. Please improve on my answer the answer before me was vandalism.

What is the fastest flying bird in Australia?

Australia's fastest flying bird is the Peregrine Falcon. When in pursuit of other flying birds, the Peregrine Falcon has been known to reach speeds of up to 300 km per hour.

Is a duck the fastest bird while flying?

No. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Name of the fastest flying small bird in Japan?

it is the English moxin

What do people call a bird that can't fly?

A non-flying bird.

What kind of animal is a spine tailed swift?

The fastest flying bird in the world

What is the secl d biggest flying bird in the world?

the largest AND biggest bird is the frigate bird. If you want the fastest ONLY then it would be the peregrine falcon, and if you wanted the biggest FLYING bird it would be a bird called a kori bustard.

What is the fastest flying british bird?

The Peregrine is often quoted as the fastest. It is capable of a very fast dive which amounts to dropping out of the sky!

What is the w orld's fastest flying bird?

The world's fastest flying bird (in level flight) is spine-tailed swift recorded at 170 km/hr. Though some racing pigeons is also said to have been clocked at similar speeds or even more.The peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) is the fastest living creature, reaching speeds of at least 124 mph and possibly as much as 168 mph when swooping from great heights during territorial displays or while catching pry birds in midair.Peregrine FalconWhen the Peregrine Falcon spots prey it goes into a controlled dive easily reaching speed of 200 MPH or 320 KM/H.The fastest speed the Peregrine Falcon reached ever recorded was an amazing 242.3 MPH or 390 KM/H.It is also the fastest animal on the planet.