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75 mph

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Q: What is the fastest recorded cheetah speed?
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How fast was the fastest cheetah?

According to africans, the fastest cheetah ever recorded reached a speed of 121kph (108mph).

What is the fastest speed recorded for a mammal?

cheetah has recoded 75mph for short peridods of sprint

What is the fastest speed a cheetah can reach?

Most cheetahs range between 70-75 miles per hour, but the fastest cheetah ever could reach 116 miles per hour. Cheetah's actual fastest speed ever recorded was 64 mph..Top speed for the cheetah is between 65-70 mph.

Who is the fastest cheetah or ostrich in a 100m sprint?

Cheetah, cheetah is the fastest mammal in the word with a top speed of on avg, 75mph.

What is the fastest recorded speed for a cheetah?

I know this may not quite answer your question, but the average cheetah's sprinting speed is from 70-75! I you know the exact answer please please add on to this answer and erase this last sentence!

What is the top speed of a land animal?

65 MPH, This is the fastest recorded time by a land animal. The animal was obiousily a cheetah

What is the top speed of the fastest cheetah?


What land animals moves at the fastest speed?


What is the fastest speed ever recorded by an automobile?

The fastest speed is 763.035mph

How fsat do humans run?

It really does depend on how fit and healthy you are! The fastest speed ever recorded is 34mph...thats nothing compared to a cheetah!!

What is the total speed of a cheetah?

the total speed of a cheetah is 75 mph ( 125 km/hr ) it is the fastest animal on land

Fastest running horse speed?

the fastest recorded speed was about 40 mph.

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