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Q: What is the fastest speed per hour?
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Which is the fastest speed 12 miles per hour or 19 kilometers per hour?

They are approximately the same speed. (12 mph = 19.312 kilometers per hour).

What is the fastest speed of a hawk?

180 miles per hour

What is the fastest speed this treadmill can go?

This treadmill's maximum speed is 12 miles per hour. It's lowest speed is 0.1 miles per hour.

What was the fastest wave speed of a tsunami?

50,000 people per hour.

What is the fastest wind speed on neptune?

it is about 1,340 miles per hour

Fastest person mile per hour?

Usain Bolt run a top speed of 27.3 Miles per Hour.

When does the moon orbit the earth fastest?

The Moon orbits Earth at a steady speed an average speed of 2288 miles per hour or 3683 kilometres per hour.

What is the speed of the worlds fastest man fish?

550 million miles per second per hour

What is the fastest rate of speed 40 kilometers per hour or 26 miles per hour?

26 miles per hour is slightly faster because it equates to 41.84 km per hour.

In which sport was the fastest unaided speed of 248 km per hour recorded?


How fast does a seaplane go?

The fastest speed of a seaplane is 709 km per hour

What is the fastest speed a hyenas can run?

About 60 kilometers per hour. Give or take.