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Its bodmas

brackets off





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Q: What is the first step in simplifying an expression add sutract multiply or divide first?
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What happens when you add sutract multiply and divide integers?

When you add, subtract, or multiply integers, you get integers. When you divide one integer by another one, you may or may not get an integer.

What does simplify the expression mean in math?

Basically, simplifying can apply to any sort of expression from something as simple as division, or something complicated like an equation. Simplifying can be like reducing 5/10 to 1/2 or reducing 10x+5y+25 to 2x+y+5. You divide the expression by a common term, such as two or five in the previous problems

What is an algebraic expression used in math?

It can be known as: Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract...and more.

How do you evaluate expressions with fractions?

Add, subtranct, multiply, divide, do whatever the expression calls for.

What are the rules of multiplying and division on algebraic expression?

there are different rules to follow on how to multiply and divide algebraic expressions. but its basics concerns on what kind of terms you are using and the deep concern about its exponents. when you multiply or divide, it is very basic to utilize the distributive method, exponents are being added when we multiply, while subtracted when we divide.

What is an expression that uses parenthesis exponents multiply divide add subtract?

32*(3/7-5) + 31

What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-

What is simplifying a fraction?

Simplifying a fraction is dividing both the top and the bottom by a common factor. When you cannot divide them evenly any more, then it is as simplified as it can get.

What is it called when you divide the numerator and denominator by a common factor?

simplifying the fraction

What is it called when you divide the numerator and the denominator of a ratio by the same factor?


What do i do Multiply or divide first?

First comes multiply then comes divide.

What are some differences between equations and inequalities?

The main difference is that when solving inequalities, if you multiply or divide by a negative number you have to be careful, since you then also have to switch the sign (for example, change a "less-than" sign to a "greater-than" sign). If you multiply or divide by an expression that contains a variable, you have to consider the two cases: that such an expression might be positive, or that it might be negative.

What means to divide the numerator and the denominator of a ratio by the same factor?

It is simplifying the ratio.

Do you multiply or divide to convert pounds into ounces?


Do you divide or multiply first?


When you multiply or divide two rational expression the result may not always be in what form?

reduced.(in other words: simplest form) hope this helps. :)

Do you divide when you simplify?

It depends on what you're simplifying. If you are simplifying a fraction, then yes. You would be dividing both numbers by their GCF. Or greatest common factor. For example if you had 24/48. You would divide both by 24, the GCF. Leaving you with 1/2. (:

Do you divide or multiply when converting currency?


What it means to divide the numerator and the denominator of a ratio by the same factor?

It could be simplifying the fraction.

Do you divide or multiply pounds to ounces?


Does the dot mean multiply or divide?

The dot means to multiply.

Do you divide or multiply when changing meters to centermeter?

Centimeters are smaller ,right? If you multiply , it will get bigger, if u divide it gets smaller, divide.

Do you multiply or divide when a problem is asking you what is 0.94 of 10?

Well the best answer is you should multiply not divide

Would you divide or multiply quarts to gallons?

Gallons to quarts is divide were as Quarts to Gallons is multiply.

Why can you just move the decimal point to find a solution when you multiply or divide by 101001000but not when you multiply or divide by a number that is not a power of 10?

You cannot just move the decimal when you multiply or divide by 101001000.