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2/12 = m/18 ie 12 x m = 2 x 18 ...

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Q: What is the first step when using cross multiplication to solve the proportion 2 divided by 12 equals m divided by18?
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How do you solve proportion?

easy peasy lemon squeezy. first you do the cross product then you do numbers multiplied and the answer of the multiplication and divide it by the other number.

What is 3 and two thirds and equals to j over 3?

j = 11. cross multiplication

Is three fourths more one half?

Yes it is. If you use cross multiplication, 3/4 equals 6, while 1/2 equals 4.

A statement that 2 ratios are equal?

A statement that two ratios are equal is called a proportion in math. An example of a proportion is 1/2 equals 2/4. In this proportion, if you cross multiply, you find that 4 x1 is equal to 2 x 2, which is a true statement or proportion.

What is the correct term for cross multiplication?

Cross multiplication IS the correct term!

Can a proportion be equal if the cross products are not equal?

No. A cross product is just a way of simplifying a proportion. If the cross product aren't equal, it follows logically that the proportion isn't equal.

How do you cross simplify?

Cross-simplification is a technique used to simplify the multiplication of fractions. It is possible when the fractions have common factors that can be divided out. For example the multiplication of the fractions 6/2 * 2/5 = (6*2)/(2*5). The 2's can be simplified out so that the multiplication is simply 6/1 * 1/5 = 6/5.

What is the proportion of 2 over 5 equals 7 over x?

Easy. Cross multiply to get 2x = 35. Then, divide by two to get 35/2.

What does Cross multiplication mean?

Cross multiplication is when you multiply the denominator of a fraction by the numerator of another fraction. Before you cross multiply you want to see if you can simply the fractions.

How do you divide fractions without reciprocals?

Using reciprocals, a/b divided by c/d is the same as a/b times d/c. If you multiply this, you get ad/bc.Without thinking about this as reciprocals, you can do this multiplication directly, cross-multiplication so to speak.

What happens to the cross products when the terms of a proportion are cross multiplied?

The cross product is created.

What is the inherent meaning and justification of cross-multiplication as it applies to solve an inequality?

What is the inherent meaning and justification of cross-multiplication as it applies to solving an inequality

How can you tell if a proportion is false?

Multiply the cross products, and see if they are equal. If they are equal, the proportion is true. If they are unequal, the proportion is false.

Which operatoins are not commutative?

Subtraction, division, cross multiplication of vectors, multiplication of matrices, etc.

Who invented cross multiplication?


What is the meaning of equal proportion?

when you cross multiply you get the same number for each side its an equal proportion

How can you mentally determine that 35000 divided by 70 equals 500?

because its easy to know that 35 divided by 7 equals 5 so just cross off one zero at the end of 35000 and at the end of 70 then just add the two zeros from 35000 and you get 500.

What is true about the cross products of a proportion?

They're equal

When do you use cross multiplication?

When comparing or simplifying fractions.

Are the cross products of a proportion equal?

Yes, here's how you can show it, for the equivalent proportions a/b & (n*a)/(n*b): a na -=-- b nb Cross multiply: a*n*b ? b*n*a. Because multiplication is commutative, the question mark is an equal sign.

What are propotion?

proportion are fraction that are being cross multiplied to find an answer

What percent of 18 is 36?

I use the equation is over of equals percent over 100. is/of = %/100 36/18 = %/100 By using cross multiplication the % is 200%

How is a proportion changed into a mathematical equation?

a proportion is an equation. a / b = c / d cross multiply: ad = bc then solve

What is a true proportion?

A true proportion is when two ratios are equal to one another. To prove this, you need to find the cross products of the ratios and see if they are equal. An example of a true proportion are the ratios 1/2 and 5/10, if you take the cross product the result is 2 x 5 = 1 x 10, which are equal.

What is the product of numerators and opposite denominators in a proportion called?

The answer is cross products.