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Go to, you'll also need a chronographer to find out the speed that the gun is actually shooting, and the weight of the pellet. And conturary to popular belief, a stock Springer air rifle doesn't actually shoot 1000 fps. Get a chronographer and see, you'll need one anyway.

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Q: What is the force of a 177 caliber pellet at 1000 fps?
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Can I shoot Destroyer EX pellets out of a Gamo Hornet .177?

As long as the pellet is .177 Cal then any .177 caliber pellet will work in your .177 Gamo.

What is the caliber of a 620 slavia pellet gun?

The 620 is a 4.5mm or .177 caliber pellet rifle and is rated around 450 FPS.

What gun will gamo red fire pellets fit in?

Any air gun or rifle that uses a .177 Caliber pellet can use the Gamo .177 Red Fire Pellet. No matter who makes the air gun. The Caliber .177 is universal to all .177 caliber pellet guns or rifles.

What caliber is a Winchester model 423 pellet gun?

Cal .177

How big is a BB pellet?

A BB pellet is only a couple millimeters thick. The pellets are very small. BB's are usually .175 Caliber a regular Air pellet is .177 Caliber

Is a 177 caliber or a 22 caliber pellet gun better?

.177 is the more common calibre, so if availability is an issue, that may be something to take into consideration.

How do you unjam a pellet pistol?

You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod to push the pellet back into the loading breech from the barrel.

Is a 20 caliber pellet the same as 177 pellet?

No it's larger, and a .22 is larger than a .20 Pellets come in these sizes. .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 caliber and 50 caliber. The last 3 sizes are for big boar air rifles.

How do you get a pellet out of your pellet gun if you put it in backward by accident?

Simple: With the Safety On. Slide a cleaning rod down the barrel to dislodge the pellet from the loading port. Yes there are cleaning rods for pellet guns. They are 177 caliber.

Can a 1300 fps airgun kill a deer?

If you are talking about a .177 caliber pellet. Most likely the answer is NO. But if you are talking about a 45 caliber or 50 caliber pellet then the answer is Yes. Pellet guns come in .177, .20, .22, .25, 9MM, 45 cal and 50 Caliber. The last 3 sizes are fired by PCP air rifles (Recharged pneumatic ) that require a scuba tank to charge them to 3000 PSI. They are still pellet rifles just the BIG BOY of pellet rifles.

What calibers are offered by air pellet guns?

Pellet guns tend to come in two standard caliber sizes. The first smaller caliber is the most common for pellets guns and is .177 caliber. The second is .22 caliber that can be found on some higher powered pellet gun models.

What type of pellets does a marksman model 740 use?

It will use any .177 caliber pellet