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Q: What is the formula for H plus 1 plus H minus 1?
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Simplify the expression 4 g minus 2 h minus 8 h plus 3 g?


What is the formula for hydrogen plus hydrogen?

H plus H is H2.Hydrogen gas is formed.

How many like terms are in the expression fourteen k plus 3 j minus 8 h minus 3 k plus 3 plus h k 2?

One triplet (k) and two pairs (h and number). 3j has no like term.

If fx equals 2x plus 5 find f a plus h minus f a divided h?

It is [(2a+2h+5) - (2a+5)]/h = 2h/h = 2

What is 8h plus 7 equals -113 What does h equal?

minus 15.

If one denominator is A plus H plus 1 and the other is A plus 1 then what is the common denominator?

It is nothing more than the product of the two, (A + H + 1)(A + 1) = A2 + AH + 2A + H + 1.

How do you solve the equation the natural logarithm of 1 plus tx equals tx minus h over g times x squared for x?

The equation is: ln(1+tx)=tx-(h/g)x^2 BTW

What is the formula for cone?

The formula for volume is 1/3 Bh ( 1/3 pi times radius squared times the height.) The formula for surface area is 2 pi r h plus 2 pi r squared.

What is the correct chemical formula for a molecule of N3 and H plus?


What is the Structural formula for 1-propanol?

Propanol (1-propanol) is the chemical name for the molecular formula of C3H8O. The structure of 1-propanol is: H C C I I IH-C-C -C-OH I I I H H H

What is an H plus?

H+ means hydrogen ion 1

What is the oxidation number of H plus?

+1 for H+ ion

H -3 plus -4 -1?

The answer is H - 8

What is the formula for aldehyde plus sodium hydrogen sulfite?

R - c - h -----> r - c- h

What are the chemical formula compounds of h2co3 yield h plus hco3?

Chemical formula compounds are H2O and C2

What is the chemical formula for hydrogen flouride?

Hydrogen is (H) and Fluoride is (F). H has an oxidation number of +1, and F has -1. Therefore, the formula is HF.

What is the complete ionic equation for the reaction of hydrochloric acid with potassium hydroxide?

KOH(s) + H(plus 1)(aq) + Cl(minus 1)(aq) -> K(plus one)(aq) +Cl(plus one)(aq) + H2O(l)

Solve this equation minus 9h minus 6 plus 12h plus 40 equals 22?

-9h - 6 + 12h + 40 = 22 ie 3h = 22 + 6 - 40 h= -12/3 = -4

How do you turn x plus h divided by x into 1 plus h over x?

The associative property.

What is the formula for aldehyde plus NaOH?

2H - C - H + NaOH ------> H- C - O -Na + CH3 - OH

What is Na plus 1 and H -1?


8 h-1 6h plus 4 plus 2h?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals".

How do you Find From First Principle The Derivative Of 1(x2) plus 1 With Respect To Xx?

"First principles" in this context means that you:* Calculate the value of the function, at some point "x+h" * Calculate the value of the function, at some point "x" * Subtract the first result minus the second result * Divide all this by "h" * See what happens when you make "h" smaller and smaller (when it tends to zero) As a formula: F(x)' = lim (as h --> 0) [F(x+h) - F(x)] / h

What is the structural formula of CH3NH3?

H- H- H - C - N +1 - H H- H- *note: H- means it is singly bonded with the elemant below or above it

What is the formula for H O H?

The formula is H2O.