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If the velocity is constant, then

Displacement = (initial velocity) multiplied by (time)

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Q: What is the formula for calculating displacement in which initial velocity and time are the variables?
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What is the formula for calculating displacement in which acceleration initial velocity and time are the variables?

If s = displacement, u = initial velocity, a = acceleration, t = time. Then s = ut + 1/2at2 Be careful to keep units consistent

What is the formula in calculating time acceleration final velocity and initial velocity?

There are different formulae for calculating these variables which depend on what information is available.

What is the resultant velocity formula?


What is the formula for calculating average velocity?

Divide distance by time.

What is resultant velocity formula?

displacement+time divided by distance

What is the formula for calculating distance traveled?

If you are travelling at an average velocity, it is simply the average velocity multiplies by the time travelled at that speed. Otherwise you can use the following formula: x = ut + 1/2at^2 where: x = displacement from origin u = initial velocity (m/s) t = time (seconds)62 a = acceleration (m/s^2

How do you figure out velocity?

Velocity is displacement divided by time. Displacement is different from distance traveled, as displacement states how far you traveled in RELATION to a starting point. The formula for Velocity is ---- v = x / t v = Velocity x = Displacement t = Time velocity is a vector quantity so the direction should also be specified unless it is implicit in the problem. ----

What is the formula of veocity?

velocity is defined as rate of change of displacement with respect to time.

What is formula calculating velocity?

Veloicty is distance divided by time, for a object moving in a given direction. If direction is not given, then it is speed.

What is the formula for calculating speed....and What is the Unit?

Velocity= Distance/ Time Unit= m/s

What is the Formula for calculating net acceleration?

Net acceleration = (change in velocity) divided by (time for the change)

What is formula for calculating an object's density?

Mass divided by Volume = Density. Or use the displacement method for an irregularly shaped object.