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If it is greater than 180, subtract 180 (270 degrees - 180 = 90 Degrees).

If it is less than 180, add 180 (40 Degrees + 180 = 220 Degrees)

Now the question is, what is the formula that will do this in MS Excel?

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Q: What is the formula for determining a back azimuth if the azimuth is more than 180 degrees?
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What is A back azimuth is?


What is the back azimuth of 223 degrees?

As the request is for the back azimuth, then what is wanted is the reverse (or inverse) of the azimuth, 223 degrees. In other words, an object moved in the direction of 223 degrees (Southwest relatively), but now the desire is to reverse the travel in order to arrive at the starting point. (That starting point would have to be Northeast relatively.) One does not typically work with directions exceeding 360 degrees nor less than 0 degrees as that range is the range of a compass. Therefore, the back azimuth of 223 degrees, whatever it is, must be between zero and 360 degrees. To determine the back azimuth all that is necessary is the knowledge that 1) the back azimuth is the opposite direction of the azimuth and 2) 180 degrees either added or subtracted will yield the back azimuth, and 3) the correct back azimuth must be in the range of zero to 360 degrees. Given this knowledge and the variable definitions Ab = Back Azimuth and A = Azimuth, Ab = A + 180 or Ab = A - 180 But which equation yields the correct back azimuth? Using knowledge point #3 above, the correct result will be the one that is between zero and 360 degrees. Therefore, Ab = A - 180 = 223 - 180 = 43 degrees is the correct back azimuth. The other choice, Ab = A + 180 = 223 + 180 = 403 degrees, exceeds the range of the compass, so 403 degrees cannot be the correct back azimuth.

What is the back azimuth of 168 degrees?

348 degrees. It is the exact opposite on a compass dial. 168 is 12 degrees before due south, so the back azimuth is 12 degrees before due north.

What is the back azimuth of 94 degrees?

Nominally 274 degrees. But on the real, spherical earth, the farther north you are, and the farther apart the two points are, the more the true back-azimuth will depart from 274 degrees.

What would be the back azimuth of 265 degrees?

85 degrees (provided the distance is not more than a few miles).

What is a back bearing in orienteering?

a back bearing is the reverse azimuth you are on. So, if you are moving on a bearing of north by northwest say at 22 degrees your back bearing is 202 degrees or the exact opposite.

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FANTASTIC question !! The sky is measured in degrees - for example: Altitude is measured as follows: the horizon is flat in front of you so we say that's zero degrees, when directly above your head is 90 degrees. Now, Azimuth is measured a different (but similar) way - North is zero degrees, East is 90 degrees, South is 180 degrees, West is 270 degrees, and then you come back to North which is a full circle - or 360 degrees. If you need to find an object in the sky and are given the Altitude and Azimuth - it becomes easy to find. If you make a fist and extend your arm out in front of you, the distance from the bottom of your fist to the top of your fist is APPROXIMATELY 10 degrees on the horizon (or sky). So if you make a fist, extend your arm towards the big dipper, and eyeball your fist so that the pinky side of your fist lines up with the last star of the big dipper, you will see that your fist covers about 10 + degrees of the Dipper. Two and a half of your fists should be the same length as the Big Dipper, which will roughly be 25 degrees. Try it !

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How do you calculate back bearing of 300 degree?

With great difficulty because to get back where you started from you add 180 degrees clockwise and 300+180 = 480 degrees which is impossible but if you meant 30 degrees then the back bearing will be 30+180 = 210 degrees

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