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length x width x height

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Q: What is the formula for finding the volume of solid object?
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What example of finding volume?

There kind of solid object will determine the formula that will be used to find its volume.

What is the formula for the density of a solid object?

Density= mass/volume

How to find mass and volume?

You determine the mass of an object using a balance. For liquid volume, you would use a graduated cylinder. To find the volume of a regular solid, use the appropriate geometric formula. If the solid is irregular, use the water displacement method for finding volume.

Finding the volume of a solid when would water displacement be helpful?

When you are trying to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object.

What does finding the volume of a prism mean?

A prism is a solid geometric object. If you know its shape and dimensions you can calculate its volume.

What is the unit for irregular solid volume?

Irregular solid volume is still measured in cm3 etcTo Find the Volume of an irregular object you can,Measure out a proportional amount of water to the object you are finding the volume ofPut the object in the container of waterSee how much the water has risen byYou now have the volume!!(The difference between the new and old volumes of water is the volume

What tool do we use to measure volume of a solid?

If the object is a regular geometric shape, you use the volume formula. If the object has an irregular shape, use the water displacement process.

What do you use to measure the vlume of a solid?

The method for determining the volume of a solid depends on its shape. The volume of a solid object with a regular geometric shape (rectangular box, cube, cylinder, sphere) can be determined using the volume formula for the shape. Because many objects are not regularly shaped their volume cannot be determined using a volume formula. The volume of these objects can be found by water displacement. A volume of water sufficient to cover the object is placed in a graduated cylinder and the volume read. The object is added to the cylinder and the volume read again. The difference between the two volumes is the volume of the object.

What are you finding if you measure the space that a solid figure occupies?

You are finding the volume of the solid figure.To find the volume of a solid figure, depending on the size of the object, you can use a graduated cylinder. You can fill the cylinder up to x amount of water and then measure the amount after dropping the solid into the water, and then subtract the amount before, from the amount after, to get the volume of a solid. You can also use simple mathematics to figure the volume of the solid. There are different formulas for calculating volume for different types of solid figures.

When do you need to find volume by displacement instead of by formula?

You need to find volume by displacement instead of by formula when the object is not a regular solid. It could be an object like a pen where the height, weight, and length can't be easily measured, or a liquid.

What 3 dimensions do you need to find the volume of a rectangular solid object?

The formula for calculating the volume of a cuboid is width x length x height

What is the Formula for Volume Calculation of a Solid?

It depends on the solid.

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