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t=(r+c)-n r = rows c = colums n = HCF Axemax

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Q: What is the formula for the maths cracked tiles problem?
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What is the formula for the cracked tiles problem?

the main rule is rows + columnss-the highest common factor

When was Cracked Tiles created?

Cracked Tiles was created on 2003-01-28.

How do you solve the math problem on cracked tiles?

Under those conditions, it would be advisable to sit down while working on the problem, in order to avoid painful distractions.

how many tiles needed using 8 inches tiles with the area of 72 inches by 48 inches?

Basic maths... 54 tiles in total !

How do you get over cracked tiles in Pokemon?

you need the mach bike, go about 3 steps backward from them, and then use the mach bike across them.

How many 6x6 tiles to cover 85sq ft?

LXW is the formula for area Then its 4 6X6 tiles = 1 sq ft each so looks a lot like 340 tiles

Non-slippery shower tiles?

Stone tiles, rubber tiles or cork tiles are perfect choices as they are non-slippery. All of the three aforementioned tiles have excellent traction.

How many 12 inch tiles do you need for a 4 x 6 ft room?

LXW is the formula for area so it's 4X6=?? Then its 12X12 tiles = 1 sq ft each so looks a lot like 24 tiles

How many 16x16 square inch tiles do i need to cover 40 square feet?

40 square feet = 40*12*12 square inches = 5760 sq inches No of 16*16 tiles = 5760/(16*16) = 22.5. So 23 tiles will do. BUT if this is a practical question rather than a maths question, you will also need to allow for wastage.

How can I buy patio tiles cheap and conveniently? would be the place for your needs. They offer a wide variety of products that you are able to use right over top of the cracked tile.

How many 30cm x 60cm tiles make 15 sq meters?

1 m=100 cm → 1 sq m = 1 m x 1 m = 100 cm x 100 cm = 10000 sq cm → 15 sq m=15 X10000 sq cm = 150000 sq cm Each tile has an area of 30 cm x 60 cm = 1800 sq cm → number_of_tiles = 150000 / 1800 = 83 1/3 tiles. If you are going to buy the tiles you would have to buy 84 tiles. But if this is a real life question as opposed to a maths problem then you would normally by about 10% extra to allow for breakages, cutting, etc, meaning you should buy at least 93 tiles, but that could depend upon the thickness of the tiles and how you are going to cut any that need to be cut.

When can tiles with asbestos in them become especially dangerous?

Anything items covered with asbestos material are dangerous. But when the items covered with asbestos -- tiles, ductwork, edging, joint connectors on ductwork-- become cracked, the asbestos dust is especially dangerous. Or, when contractors demolish or renovate a building containing asbestos, it will get in the air.