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V = (pi) (radius)2 (length)

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Q: What is the formula for voulme of the cylinder?
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Is a cylinders and a cones formula the same?

For voulme cylinder = pi r^2 h, cone = ½pi r^2 h

What is the formula for voulme?

The formula for volume is length* width * height

What tool accurate tool for measuring voulme?

It's a graduated cylinder.

What is the formula for calculating the destiny of an object?

divide its mass by its voulme

What is the formula for the voulme of a circle?

pi x radius squared. 3.141596 x r2

What is the radius of a cylinder when you have the voulme and the height?

volume of cylinder = 'pi'. (radius)2.height V = pi.r2.h Note : pi is a constant, value (approx) = 3.1415....... the dot symbol is the multiplication.. to find radius, rearrange the formula for the value of 'r' i hope this helps BY- Narendra Paudel

The amount of mass a matieral has in a voulme?

The amount of mass a material has in a given volume is called its density. Density is a physical property that can be calculated by dividing the mass of an object by its volume. It is commonly used in science and engineering to describe the compactness of a substance.

Formula for capacity of a cylinder?

Formula for a cylinder is pi*radius2*height.

How do you FIND the voulme of a penny?

You can run a water displacement test. Where you fill a graduated cylinder with a certain amount of water. Then, drop the penny in and see the difference. And that would be your volume.

Formula for volumn of a cylinder?

For a right cylinder, the formula for volume is quite simple. It is pi times the radius of the cylinder squared times the height of the cylinder.

Formula for volume of a cylinder?

The formula for volume of a cylinder is pi•r2•h

What is the voulme of a cone that has a raduis of 6 inches and a height of 8 inches?

Assuming that voulme = volume and raduis = radius, the answer is 301.6 cubic inches.