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Q: What is the formula in finding the margin of error in slovins formula if the sample size and the population is given?
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Profit margin formula?

Contribution of margin safety x margin of safety

Contribution margin ratio?

Formula for contribution margin ratio = Sales

How do you find contribution margin percentage?

Formula for contribution margin ratio = Sales

What are sloven's formula in st atistics?

n=N/1+Ne2 sample size= population size/ 1+ population size* (error margin)2

Who is the statistician named slovin?

he was the one who introduced the slovin's formula, the estimated sample size given the population size and margin of error

How do you calculate the average contribution margin?

Formula for calculating average Contribution margin Average contribution margin = total contribution margin / total number of units

What is Slovin's formula?

Slovin's formula is used to calculate the sample size (n) given the population size (N)and a margin of error (e). It is computed as n = N / (1+Ne2).

What is the Excel formula for the selling price if you have cost and margin?

The selling price is the cost plus the margin. If you know the margin as a fixed value and the cost was in cell A2 and the margin in B2, in C2 you could put the following formulas: =A2+B2 If the margin is a percentage of the cost and the margin is in B2, then the formula would be: =A2+A2*B2

What formula would you use to calculate the net profit margin?

Formula for net income margine: Net income margin = Net income / sales revenue

How do you calculate contribution margin rate?

Formula for contribution margin ratio = Sales – Variable cost / Sales

What is the formula to calculate the gross margin?

The gross margin formula is gross profit divided by revenue. The gross profit and revenue amounts can be found by looking at a companies income statement.

How do you calculate the breakeven point?

Formula for Breakeven point: Breakeven point = Fixed Cost / Contribution margin ratio Contribution margin ratio = Sales / contribution margin Contribution margin = sales - variable cost

How is a margin determined?

There are different kinds of margin. In printing, a margin is the distance between the edge of a physical page and where on the page the printing is. In business the margin is the difference between the market value of a stock and the loan a broker makes. A profit margin is calculated by finding the net profit as a percentage of the revenue.

How do you calulate the unit contribution margin?

Formula for calculating contribution margin is as follows: Contribution margin per unit = Sales price per unit - Variable Cost per unit.

What is sloven's formula?

Sloven's formula is a random sampling technique to find ideal sample sizes. It is n = N/ (1+ (N* e^2)) where n = sample number, N = total population and e = margin of error.

Formula for retail margin on a microsoft word spreadsheet?

=(retail - cost) / retail

How can the mathematical equation for break-even sales show both sales units sales dollars?

Formula for break even point in dollars = Fixed Cost / contribution margin formula for break even point in units = fixed cost / contribution margin ratio formula for contribution margin ratio = (sales - variable cost) / sales

What is the Formula for calculating profitability ratios?

profit margin = net income / total revenue

What is the formula for a margin of 30 percent on 100.00?

{100 * (30 / 100)} + 100 = 130

Break Even Sales - Formula in Cost Accounting?

Breakeven point = Fixed Cost / Contribution margin Contribution margin = (Sales - Variable cost) / Sales

If I know the selling price and the margin I want to achieve what formula is used to calculate the price I need to buy the goods at?

Margin = (Selling Price - Cost) / Selling Price

What is the Formula of mark up rate?

Margin = (1-[cost/selling price]) x 100

What is the formula for Net Operating Margin in Excel?

=(total revenue- total expenditures)/revenue. you get a percentage.

What is sales price per unit less total variable cost per unit?

Formula for Contribution margin is as follows: Contribution margin = Sales price - variable cost So as you can see from above formula that sales price per unit minus variable cost per unit is contribution margin per unit

Does increasing the variable cost increase the contribution margin?

Increase in variable cost reduces the contribution margin as following formula suggests”Contribution margin = Sales revenue – Variable Cost