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You didn't say the series (I prefer to use the word sequence) of even numbers are consecutive even numbers, or even more generally an arithmetic sequence. If we are not given any information about the sequence other than that each member happens to be even, there is no formula for that other than the fact that you can factor out the 2 from each member and add up the halves, then multiply by 2:

2a + 2b + 2c = 2(a + b + c). If the even numbers are an arithmetic sequence, you can use the formula for the sum of an arithmetic sequence. Similarly if they are a geometric sequence.

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Q: What is the formula of finding the sum of a series of even numbers?
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Find the sum of first 20 even numbers?

The sum of the first 20 even numbers... is 110

What is the sum of the even numbers less than 28?

Just do the additions. Or, if you want a shortcut, use the formula for an arithmetic series.

What is formula to find sum of n even numbers?

There is no formula that will sum n even numbers without further qualifications: for example, n even numbers in a sequence.

What are all the even numbers called?

numbers! An endless string or 'series' of even numbers!

What is the method of finding prime numbers?

their isn't a formula or method for finding prime numbers. Prim numbers are just all the numbers that have only two factors not including zero. Like 2 is a prime number because it can be multiplied by 1 and two two get it but not all even numbers are prime 2 is the only one another example is 5 because to get 5 you can only multiply it by 1 and 5

What is the sum of the first five positive even numbers?

2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 = 30 In general, the sum of the first n even numbers is n(n+1). Replacing n with 5 we have 5x6 which equals 30 as we found by direct calcuation. The formula is nice when you have many numbers. For example, finding the sum of the first 100 positive even numbers would be a PAIN! But using the formula is it simply 100x101.

Why does the formula for finding the surface area of a rectangular prism is helpful?

There must be a typo in this question, "Why does the formula for finding the surface area of arectangular prism is helpful?" What does that even mean?

What is the formula of adding all even numbers?

You cannot. There are infinitely many even numbers and their sum is not convergent.

What is the sum of the fist 40 even numbers?

You can use the formula for the sum of an arithmetic series to calculate that quickly. (Of course, you can also type the numbers into Excel, and get the sum - but that doesn't scale well - e.g., it won't work well if you are then asked, for instance, to get the sum of the first million even numbers.)

What does it mean when you line up a set of numbers from the smallest to largest then divide by 2 if you have an even set of numbers?

You are finding the mean of the set of numbers.

What 3 consecutive even numbers equals 300?

There are none. There are two odd numbers next to every even one, so finding 3 consecutive numbers of the same kind is impossible.

What Mr.Crab Crab patty formula?

There can be no formula because it is not a compound but a mixture. And, if you enjoy them don't even think about finding out details of their composition!

What is the formula of finding prime numbers from 500-0?

There is no formula that will generate all the prime numbers less than or equal to 500. Perhaps the "next best thing" is that there are some formulas that will generate prime numbers for certain values that are plugged in to the formula, but not necessarily all the prime numbers. For example, the formula n2 - n + 41 will generate prime numbers for all values of n from 0 to 40, but not for all values greater than or equal to 41. But even for values of n that are less than or equal to 40, while the formula will result in a prime number, it doesn't generate all the prime numbers. The first few prime numbers generated by this formula (for n = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) are 41, 41, 43, 47, 53, and 61. But many prime numbers get "skipped over" by using this, or any other, formula.

What do you do when you are finding the prime factorization of a number and you are using the division method and there are no numbers to divide?

If there are no numbers to divide - not even 1 - then you have made a mistake.

A group of sudents are finding the perimeters of rectangles whose lengths and widths are whole numbers they notice that all the perimeters are not even numbers is this always true?

No, take the rectangle that is 4x6. The perimeter is 20 which is even.

How do you Write a C program to print a Series of Odd Numbers and Even Numbers.? divisible

How do you find a mode in a even series of numbers?

The mode in a series of numbers is the number (or range of numbers in continuous ranges) that occurs most often. Simply count up how many times each number occurs (there can be multiple modes).

What is the formula to find out the sum of first n even numbers?


A group of students are finding the perimeters of rectangles whose lengths and widths are whole numbers they notice that all the perimeters are not even numbers is this always true?

No, it is always false. Perimeter of a rectangle= 2l + 2w, l= length, w=width. 2*any whole number, regardless odd or even, is even. Thus 2l is even and 2w is even. The sum of two even numbers is always even.

What happens when the median has two numbers?

When the median has two numbers, you add the two together and divide by 2 . The median doesn't really have 'two numbers'; you are talking about finding the median of a set of numbers that contains an even number of numbers. The median is half-way between the two.

Formula in obtaining odd and even numbers?

An even number can be divided by 2 evenly. An odd number will have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2.

What is the formula for finding the speed of a wave?

hear is not menton clearly type of wave. even frequency is given then we can find it by formula i.e. f=n.v where n=no of wave and v= velocity of wave

What's the formula for getting an even number from 3 prime numbers?

Make sure you include 2.

What is the sum of the even numbers not exceeding 30?

You'll need to restrict that to positive numbers. Calculating all of the negative even numbers is impossible. There's a formula for this. (x^2 + x) where x is the number of integers. 14 x 14 + 14 = 210

What is the special name for multiples of two?

even numbers