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Volume of a pyramid = 1/3*base area*height

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Q: What is the formula of pyramid if its height is 13 cm and its base is 7.5 cm?
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How do you find lateral area of a pyramid?

If it is a regular pyramid you need to find out the base perimeter, multiply it by the height of the sides (when considered as triangles) and divide by two. The height of the side can be found using Pythagoras's formula if you know the height of the pyramid and the length of a side. The side height of a pyramid is also known as the slanted height or L in a formula. Formula:permiter of base x L(side height) ( P of B)(L) p x L(slant) ----------------------------------------- = --------------------- 2 2 Good luck!

What is the volume of a square pyramid with base edges 12 m and height 18 m?

AnswerFind the volume of a square pyramid with a height of 13 m and base edges of 9 m.

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 13 cm and a height of 8 cm?

The formula for the area of a triangle is ½ x base x height. We are given that the base = 13 cm and the height = 8 cm. Thus, the area of the triangle = ½ x 13 cm x 8 cm = 52 cm.

What is the size of the great pyramid's base?

it is about 750 x 750 Feet which is about 13 acres (5 hectares)

If a parallelogram has an area of 117 square units and the base is 13 what is its height?

117= base* height 117/13=height 9 is d height

What is the area of an isosceles triangle with sides measuring 13 13 and 10 cm?

The area of a triangle is (1/2) x base x height. The height is perpendicular to the base. In this case, you can take the 10 cm as the base, and calculate the height with Pythagoras' formula. If you split the base in half now you have two 5-12-13 right triangles, so the height is 12 cm and the area is (1/2)*(10cm)*(12cm) = 60 cm2

What is the base lenghth of a triangal with an area of 52cm2 and ahight of 13cm?

8cm. Since the area is found by the formula 'half the base times the height' In this case, the area is 52 - divide that by the height (13) this gives the result 4. times that by 2, and you have the answer 8.

What are the dimensions of the base of Khufu's pyramid?

the base is approximately 750ft square covering an area of about 13 acres

What is the area of equilateral triangle with height is 20 and Base is 15?

An equilateral triangle with a height of 20 has a base of 23.1 (23.09401), not 15. If the base is 15 then the height will be 13 (12.99038).

What is the surface area of a square pyramid when 4 is the side length and 13 as the slant height?


What is the area of a triangle with a base of 6-2y and height of 13?

Area of a triangle = 1/2*base*height = 1/2*(6-2y)*13 = (3-y)*13 = 39-13y

What is the area of a rectangle with a base of 13?

Depends on its height. 6.5xh.